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Member Article:Athletic Cougar Deflowers Post Your Comment

BlackPussyRules 59 M
12  Articles

Athletic Cougar Deflowers



Jonny was well under eighteen when Edna moved into their apartment block and twenty years later still remembers the events that followed with fondness and regret.

He first set eyes on the head turning cougar while making his way downstairs for his daily morning swim donned in nothing more than flip flops and swim shorts, his muscular chest partially covered by the towel draped around his neck. She was returning from a run sporting the most minuscule skin tight pair of yellow jogging shorts he had ever imagined, the matching and equally trivial top flaunted a tantalisingly slender pierced midriff and broad shoulders. His eyes were all over her athletic physique, lingering at length on oversized nipples protruding provocatively through her sweaty top, she was an ebony goddess, a powerhouse with muscular arms, long legs and thick thighs yet was feminine and beautiful.

Jonny was gobsmacked when she fleetingly returned his gaze and embarrassed as his swim shorts proved to be laughably inadequate in hiding his adolescent desire to bed the ever so dark woman. What a woman, as they passed he was struck by both her height and age, their height was similar but age was without doubt not, she being considerably older than her figure and audacious running gear hinted, rendering that eye contact even hotter. Despite the conspicuous bulge, Jonny could not resist turning his head after they passed, what a sight for puerile eyes, he was mesmerised, those short shorts were absurd, exaggerating her toned curves, clinging tightly to her firm booty, she was ultra-fit sexiness personified. At the top of the stairs she turned, he freaked and looked away quickly in the knowledge she had caught him gawping a second time!

Life was good, his mother worked hard and, together with the alimony from his father, they lived in a delightful third floor flat that overlooked the shared pool, a view that Jonny took full advantage of and not just for swimming but also the voyeuristic opportunities offered. Someone had recently moved into the top floor flat directly above them a few days ago, could it possibly be her? With his cock swollen he dived into the pool for his daily workout, he was a strong club swimmer and knocked out fifty lengths in record time, he was feeling real good. Jonny was infatuated, bewildering and provocative eye contact with the sexiest woman he had ever set eyes was simply thrilling, he loved her confidence, damn, she was probably close to thirty but the suggestive desire he saw in her eyes was sensational!

Earlier that month 43 year old Edna had keenly accepted a near yearlong assignment from head office to investigate, plan and implement solutions to resolve the failings within the satellite site, they had recently lost yet another major contract and the company directors sought a rapid conclusion. Edna’s impressive track record, uncompromising approach, enthusiasm and ability had prompted the board to request she lead a small taskforce briefed with wrapping everything within the tough timescale, there was no doubt project Star would be her sternest challenge yet but with sky high confidence part of her psyche and failure lacking from her vocabulary she was more than ready. Success on this project would no doubt be handsomely rewarded, possibly even with a place on the board of directors, notable as nobody under fifty, no woman nor African American had ever sat on the board before.

In order to keep costs in check Edna was to stay in a modest apartment, her PA Bianca did a fantastic job of finding and negotiating a great price for a bijou apartment a short walk from the office.

A fortnight in and project Star was progressing quicker than anticipated, Edna was upbeat but there was something missing and that was sex, in fact she regarded great sex as central to her wellbeing. Although no bed hopper emotional attachment was neither here nor there, she sought macho men somewhat younger than herself who would accept a woman who was more successful and physically stronger than themselves and could also go the distance with her, delivering amazing orgasm after orgasm.

Edna had been eyeing her blond and tanned young neighbour swimming in the pool over the last few days, tall, strong, fit and lean rendered him eminently suitable but, now their paths finally crossed, she was somewhat frustrated as he was years younger than originally supposed. Pointedly though the immoral hunger in his eyes instigated carnal mayhem within her soul and pussy to moisten with a ruthless rapidity! Could and should she mould him into her plaything? There was no escaping the facts, immature and a definite a virgin but his immaturity would allow her to pull the strings whilst adding another V-card to her collection, knowing she would be forever engraved in a second white lad’s memory, was yet another plus point. Fucking the white teenage of a neighbour had pitfalls but also unbeknown thrills and unprotected sex was another big draw, being a no no with her usual choice of men. Initial sexual satisfaction may be poor but the positives absolutely outweighed the negatives, it was game on!

Within an hour Edna conceived project Swimmer Hunk, the seduction and schooling of her young and handsome neighbour, including augmenting his skills with another experienced woman by the end of next month, she was looking forward to Saturday!

Saturday morning Jonny gazed out of his window and received the surprise of his life, his new neighbour was relaxing with a cigarette and book by the pool, blatantly flaunting her athletic physique in a miniscule white bikini, the top sitting on her large breasts rather than over them. Inhaling on the cigarette her breasts heaved provocatively under the micro bikini, his heart skipped, women of her calibre were oh so rare, her athleticism may have been at odds with the cigarette but her wanton sexual appeal was not. And that was before she glanced up at his window, turned to lie on her front and peeked at his window again, checking his reaction?!

Mesmerised was an understatement, was she really encouraging him? Her running gear had been hot but now the bar was set even higher, sporting the skimpiest of G string bikinis imaginable, colossal bare buttocks making a truly spectacular sight flaring preposterously from her slim waist. This was crazy, the utterly preposterous prospect of her owning his V card no longer seemed such an absurd notion. He crammed his hard schlong into his swim shorts, bolted downstairs, dived into the pool and clambered out the other end petrified, his stomach in knots, chatting up girls his own age did not come easily but, timidly, he enquired if the lounger next to her was free? The response was gobsmackingly unexpected, she was so calm and collected introducing herself and telling him he was welcome if he beat her in an arm wrestling match! What the fuck?

Edna sat up, looking into his eyes she inhaled more smoke and stubbed the cigarette out, then eyed his flagrantly bulging swim shorts followed by the nearby table and, laughing, asked if he preferred to be trounced there or somewhere more private!

Completely out of his comfort zone and sporting the mother of raging hard ons he followed her up the stairs, excited was an understatement, this lady was beyond his dreams, just what was coming his way? She led him into her apartment where she shed her robe and placed her cigarettes and lighter on the table. He had assumed the arm wrestling contest was a ruse but no, she was serious! Sitting to arm wrestle the bikini clad momma was the zaniest moment of his life so far, winning was imperative, he was sure he could beat her but as they locked hands her powerful grip was disconcerting. Pushing with all his strength, driving her arm towards the table, his confidence rose until she tensed, it was game over, her power and grip were crushing and his hand forced over the top and down the other side onto the table. Jonny had not noticed the scant bikini top slip and expose one of her organ stop nipples but now he was gazing open mouthed, Edna smiled and instead of readjusting it unhooked the top! Smiling teasingly Edna slid her fingers under the strap of the G string, shook her head and told him he had to win the next! Despite doubling his effort the back of his hand was nearly touching the table after what was a handful of seconds, she slowed, mocking him with how easily she was controlling his with her hand and arm, enjoying the sight of him vainly struggling to reverse the second inevitable defeat and likelihood of losing his cherry.

Following her emphatic victories Jonny was crestfallen, being beaten by a devastatingly desirable woman was bad enough but when losing his virginity had been on the cards it was derisory. Matters were abnormally surreal though, she stood and her sex wafted past, he had never experienced a woman’s sexual heat before but there was no mistaking her scent nor that she knew his hormones were raging out of control. He too stood, she took his hands, squeezed them around her breasts and liberated his boner, Jonny was electrified as his foreskin retracted and precum nestled on the of his cock. Blurting he was a virgin, Edna replied that was obvious and told him to relax, to enjoy and treasure the moment of handing her his V-card! Edna had never known a cock so excited, so hard and so eager, she wrapped her fingers around it and tenderly rolled the foreskin back and forth over the crown swiftly splattering a huge arc of thick, sticky creamy cum over her breasts. Jonny apologised profusely but Edna laughed and leant forward to sympathetically kiss him on the lips.

Jonny had seen girls completely naked in magazines but never in the flesh, other than a rare glimpse of his mother. But with the diamond sparkling brilliantly in her dark chocolate belly button and immaculate hairless vulva glistening invitingly, she was physically nothing like his mother, way hotter and far sexier. Eager to caress the booty of this goddess he embraced her and was stupefied, the firmness inconceivable unlike his raging hard on now throbbing impulsively against her love box.

Edna was thoroughly delighted with the speed of his recovery and looking forward to having the thick teenage cock buried deep inside despite the certainty it would not be long before he shot a second load. Edna’s nipples were swollen and erect as she escorted him to her bed, she too was primed and ready. She squatted over him to tease her pussy lips apart with the end of his inflexible phallus. The carnality of her actions and unintended premature penetration was the hottest moment of his life so far, the feel of her tight pussy clamped around his thick shaft, sucking his cock in, slowly sinking to the base of his rigid cock amazing. Jonny gazed into her big brown eyes and ran his eyes down her dark body and drank her perfection in, breasts standing proud, tight waist, bearing hips and pornographically strained pussy lips clamped tightly around his condomless rock hard cock.

Taking his hands she cupped her breasts and subtly rolled her hips back and forth, the dexterous rhythm of her motion sensational, the visual disparity of her dark pussy lips flexing around his pale cock so very beautiful, lamentably, despite her indiscernible motion, he ejaculated in less time than it took her defeat him in the second arm wrestling match but his orgasm went on and on, delivering volley after volley until his sacs were totally drained, holding her arse tightly and pulling her tight towards him as he did so. The sensation was incredible, his elation immense, he had been deflowered by and filled the dark chocolate beauty with his virgin cum but also disheartened as the fanciful pleasure of having her sweet pussy clamped to his dick was far too short lived.

Edna too was somewhat disappointed that he came so quick but that ejaculation was something else, at 43 she considered herself to be too old for pregnancy but she had never known a man come quite so hard and for so long. Cum was flowing from her pussy and his still staggeringly hard schlong was dripping in a concoction of their combined juices, Edna threw caution to the wind and fucked him again, and once again he sowed his seed briskly. Project Swimmer Hunk required revision to hit the target, she told him to return tomorrow.

Having told his mother he was going to a mates to do homework and play computer games Jonny raced to her apartment, he will never forget seeing her in a loosely tied gown that was thrown across the room soon after she had impaled her soaking pussy on his solid white behemoth. Jonny met her powerful thrusts with rhythmic humps, although he came rapidly again his enthusiasm irresistibly complemented inexperience and there was an innate connection between them that ensured better times.

Jonny finally noticed the camera as Edna grabbed a big black dildo and giggled when she lined it up against his hard and oversized weapon. Legs wide she worked the dildo into her pussy, Jonny’s cum squelched while he watched her position and move the dildo. She handed him the dildo, placed her hand over his and guided his movements, showing him how to stimulate the clitoris whilst explaining this was key to satisfying a woman.

Next was doggy, as instructed he spread her dark orbs and slid his inflexible schlong into her pussy, her thick pussy lips sucked his weightiness in and stretched beautifully around his considerable shaft, Jonny thrust rapidly and eagerly, the improbability of this sexual union not lost on him. He simply could not believe he was slamming his teenage ivory cock into this seriously fit black woman with hips half as big again as his, an implausibly narrow waist and broad shoulders. Edna was pleased with the handful of minutes of lustful unadulterated sizzling sex but there was still a long way to go.

Gazing over the pool she lit a cigarette, Jonny, his cock hardening again, reflected upon how preposterous it was that this gorgeous woman had taken his virginity. Her dark skin was silky smooth without wrinkles or cellulite, her legs were muscular and shoulders broad supporting good sized breasts. Jonny picked up the photo of Edna and a friend cradling a baby from the table by the window, the friend was stunning, Edna smiled, it was her and granddaughter! Jonny laughed, surely she was joking? Edna inhaled a lungful of smoke, took his erection into her mouth and ran her lips up and down his length, exhaling clouds of smoke through her nostrils that enveloped his cock, Jonny shuddered and groaned and came for a third time that evening, Edna swallowed his load, licked her lips, drew on her cigarette again and replied she was a 43 year old granny!

Jonny was dumbfounded, 43 and a granny! His virginity appropriated by a fucking granny, un-fucking-believable, how was he going to live that down? And she was considerably older than his mother! Then again most grannies or women in their forties do not flaunt their bodies in thong bikinis by residential pools, they have droopy breasts and wrinkly skin. His eyes were consumed with lust and his cock palpitated as her firm breasts rose and fell with the inhaling and exhaling of smoke, she did not look much over thirty, so very beautiful, so very dark and un-fucking-believable!

She had him come round each evenings each week, telling him what to do, when and how, Jonny was in seventh heaven, under her spell and eager protégé. The camera was omnipresent, Edna would play the films back and comment, concentrating on what he was doing right, refining his skills, knowledge, ability and rhythm, lessening the need for the dildo whilst coaching him to appease her insatiable appetite for sex. In the first week they had sex 65 times, no exaggeration, Edna was counting. Feasting on pussy was fed into the mix, Jonny was acquiring skills rapidly, appreciating when and how to swap from the lips of her vagina to pleasuring her clit and onto explosive penetrative sex that drained his balls time after time. There was now no doubt that project Swimmer Hunk was back on track. Jonny was in awe of her, his swim training lent him a high level of fitness and stamina but frankly she was his equal, he was persistently surprised by her fitness and physical strength. Play fighting was commonplace, her speed and strength combined with creative and imaginative moves frustrating Jonny again and again as she pinned him to the floor or ensnared him in a scissor hold or headlock, nonchalantly lighting a cigarette and blowing smoke in his face while he squirmed. For Edna this was an unforeseen plus, no man had ever accepted her arm wrestling challenge before and he was allowing, indeed encouraging, her natural domineering disposition, delivering erotic fun like she had never experienced before. Play fighting and sex became friskily entwined in a way that even surprised Edna, at times she utterly humiliated him, her brutality bringing tears to his eyes on many occasions but the ensuing sex was guaranteed to be incredible and Jonny was not always the loser, handcuffing her to the bed and using her as he wished despite knowing Edna would make him later, usually by sitting on his face and forcing him to lick her arse hole.

She taught him to execute gratifyingly rewarding quickies while their fuck fests surpassed all expectations, the dildo now consigned to the bin. Risqué quickies on the landing outside her front door were electrifying, with a leg over the railing and looking down the stairs to check for anyone coming while he pounded her from behind, his hands under her top on her breasts. Even today Jonny cannot believe they did this not just once but multiple times, any neighbour on her floor could have opened their front door at any moment but with Edna sex was never boring, missionary position rarely exploited, deep penetration was what Edna demanded and he delivered.

Edna was as pleased as punch with progress of projects Star and Swimmer Hunk, both were ahead of schedule with each fuelling success on the other. Her work on both was meticulous and fully documented, numerous issues with the satellite site solved through hard graft, implementing new procedures and dismissing employees who were not to the job whilst taking others to task. The directors were also very happy not just with her progress but also her state of mind, they were expecting this to be stressful but she appeared to be happier than ever and coping with ease. Bianca knew the full reason, her daily updates included detailed progress with project Swimmer Hunk, Bianca was unsure as to which she was more pleased with, her enthusiasm for both was plain and it was evident Edna had not been so sexually fulfilled for years and it was reflecting in her work! The project notes even detailed Edna’s delight at the look of resentment Jonny’s mother gave her whenever they passed on the stairs, his mother clearly aware Edna was fucking her teenage .

An activity penned into Project Swimmer Hunk plan uneasily piqued Bianca’s interest, his skill set was to be further developed by introducing a second sexually experienced woman, who did Edna have in mind? Despite being married she suspected Edna may ask her to fuck Jonny, could she say no to her boss?

On schedule Edna considered his transformation into a genuine stud to be complete the day he fucked her so good she squirted. He took control, forced her to hold herself open while he devoured her like a famished man at a buffet, pitilessly pinned her down while she bucked and twisted, callously squeezed every ounce of pleasure from her body. Her dripping pussy had soaked the bed when he eventually flipped her over, mercilessly pulling her arms back to deliver a blistering volley of hard and deep thrusts forcing wave after wave of ferocious orgasms to rip through her body from head to toe. She completely lost control of her own bodily functions, she was a quivering wreck as rivers of cream squirted from her pussy and Edna’s astonishment at being conquered by this white was unmistakable. Jonny was ecstatic but pitilessly plunged unremittingly into her defeated honeypot, her pulsating vagina clamped his inflexible love muscle more intensely than ever and the pressure in his balls was crazy, a few more deep thrusts and he erupted, discharging numerous titanic streams of seed deep into her spent but eager pussy. Jonny continued to hold her arms as his cock jerked and spurted sperm at the door to her cervix, Edna’s pussy spammed involuntarily around his thick cock, forming a frothy concoction of their combined juices that drained his balls. Edna was relieved when he finally withdrew but the sensations surging through her body were incredible, like nothing she had ever experienced before, she had trained him well, despite a few ups and downs the outcome far surpassed her expectations.

Candidly Edna detailed her first ever coitus induced squirting experience in the project notes and showed Bianca the searing footage, Bianca was aghast, the confidence with which the white stud dominated her intimidating boss was absurd. And no condom! The eroticism was wicked, this white lad was dancing in her pussy but also ruthless, his substantial cock was unyieldingly hard and he was loving the snugness of her tight black cunt, interracial sex could be amazing but this was the hottest sex she had ever seen, their muscular bodies bucked and twisted together in a fuck fest of epic proportions. And that was before the scene when she squirted on his cock, screaming and wildly bucking her hips driving Jonny to release his seed deep inside her desperate cunt. What a scene, multiple shots of his seed filled Edna, cum seeped from her pussy while he was still pumping more in, his ejaculation went on for longer than her husband often managed in a whole session. For fucks sake, when was her turn?!

The following day Edna gave him a key so he could let himself into her apartment, he did just that to be greeted by a stronger smell of smoke than usual and muffled sounds of sex emanating from the lounge. The door to the lounge was ajar, apprehensively he knocked on the door a tad too hard and it swung open.

Edna and Bianca were watching a porno video, the initial relief that Edna was not fucking another man was tempered because, horrifically, the interracial film featured himself; he was the star. Jonny never considered she might show their shoots to someone else, there was a close of penetration that cut immediately to full body shots of him fucking her doggy style, he shook his head in disbelief and shock, the scene was explicit and very sexy, the formidable woman was rebounding furiously into his crotch as he drove his thick and rock hard white teenage cock in and out of her tight pussy, sexual juices coating his cock. The film cut to a scene of Edna mounting and riding him cowgirl, her breasts bouncing wildly as she fucked him like a bucking bronco, smoking cigarette in hand.

With astonishing bluntness Edna told him to fuck Bianca! Seconds earlier he had thought his lady friend was fucking another man but the reality was beyond belief, she had ordered him to fuck the preposterously sexy big and beautiful black woman sat with her on the sofa! He was confused but his dick unquestionably was not, the dark busty beauty had a monumental booty.

Bianca spread her legs revealing an enthralling prudently trimmed bush of tight curly pubic hair, Jonny gingerly dropped to his knees, slipped his tongue through her wiry curls and into her wetness, chafing his clean shaven chin against the tightly curled hairy vulva, the sensation startlingly provocative after the nondescript smoothness of Edna. Soon he was confidently and enthusiastically teasing her womanhood, Bianca opened her legs wider and lifted them into the air, never in all of her 35 years had she behaved like such a slut. Edna filmed him devouring her pussy until she was on the brink but then allowing her impending climax to wane before diving in for more. Bianca was convulsing with pleasure, she had never been eaten so fastidiously, she could take no more, closed her legs around his head, handed him a condom and got on all fours. Edna tossed the unopened condom across the room and guided his cock into her pussy, the married woman quietly objected but cooed as his bare cock head pushed forcefully against the walls of her pussy, he was big and skin on skin felt so good. His cock was beautiful, rock hard as well as the perfect thickness. She soon realised just how well Edna had coached him because he knew how to use it to devastating effect, she came thrice within a quarter of an hour, each time arching her back further and spreading her legs wider to take his every throbbing inch. This meeting was brutal, Bianca had never delivered or received a fucking like it, tomorrow she would be taking a morning after pill.

They switched to Edna’s bed, he revelled in her carnal screams, this was lustful sex at its hottest, her cum filled pussy squelched as she pushed back passionately against his strong thrusts, he banged her from behind for a half hour before jettisoning another cascade of cum deep within her. Exhausted he lay down, what the fuck, Bianca, still in the throes of orgasms, lit a cigarette, climbed on top of him and rode him cowgirl. The bed rocked violently as the big black momma acrobatically pulverised the full length of his virile, and strong white schlong, she was incredible, her weighty breasts bounced histrionically with every hard thrust but Jonny dealt with them all with proficiency well beyond his years, pushing upwards with deft rhythmic timing. Bianca was losing the battle, she tagged Edna. Edna, she had been watching and listening with incredulity, her wetness was on another level, he had learnt so much, her efforts were dividends and Bianca had now fulfilled her role in completing his metamorphous into her super stud. She speared her soaking pussy on his steely hard cock not realising her stimulation from watching and listening to Jonny driving Bianca to climax was quite so dramatic for Edna came so fast and hard! Bianca extinguished her cigarette, pulled Edna off and launched a blistering volley of reverse cowgirl thrusts, using his cock for her own pleasure until the effort began to take its toll, she did not possess the fitness of the older woman.

Jonny told her to lie on the edge of the bed and bade Edna to lie atop the bigger woman, spread their legs and took in the fabulous view. The massive lower ass was supporting the upper at the perfect angle and his cum was seeping out of the lower pussy while the upper was glistening in readiness. Despite being impatient to fuck these stacked pussies he went down on his knees to eat Bianca, slurping on his own cum and quickly switched to Edna, the debauchery was hurting his cock, he was rock hard again and the girls were asking for his cock, it was time to fuck and savour the double decked pussies. Jonny entered the lower, a single stroke, switched to the upper and continued to alternate, slowly increasing the time spent in each before switching again, mixing juices together. He simply could not believe his luck, both desirably beautiful women were over double his age and he was dipping his ivory cock in turn into their black honeypots while gazing incredulously at the most beautiful sight he had ever seen in his whole life, a pair of big black double stacked booties loving his cock. His cock remained steely hard as Jonny switched effortlessly between the pussies again and again. He was counting the strokes, by twenty he was finger fucking the other, on forty he lengthened his strokes and by sixty both women were moaning noisily as he pounded them so hard the headboard thumped vociferously. On sixty Edna wrapped her muscular legs around his abdomen allowing him enough freedom to continue pounding but not enough to swap again, he was annoyed but had learnt long ago battling Edna was futile, he upped the pace and the entire apartment block would have heard their mutual orgasms. She released him, he plunged into Bianca, neither he nor the women could believe his cock was still hard, a few more minutes of pounding and the second ear-splitting mutual orgasm followed. What a night, by the end of the evening Jonny was exhausted, his cock ached and he knew Edna would expect him to perform again tomorrow!

Jonny stood opened mouthed when Bianca thanked Edna for inviting her to complete the final phase of Project Swimmer Hunk and asked her if it could now be signed off? Project Swimmer Hunk, what the fuck?! Both women laughed!

Over the following months Edna had the finest sex of her lifetime and far more fun than even her most optimistic predictions at the outset of Project Swimmer Hunk, they even went running together, there was more to their relationship than simply great sex. Edna invited Bianca on a couple of other occasions, Jonny hoped and to this day still wishes it had been more!

When Jonny finally found the courage to ask Edna to fuck him in his own bed she agreed without hesitation but added it was then or never as she was leaving in a couple of days and weeks before his eighteenth birthday. What, leaving? Jonny was shocked, confused and somewhat emotional, why had she not already told him? Regrettably it was true so despite his mother being due home in an hour it was now or never. In full swing on his bed and with minutes to go Edna dared him to fuck her on the sofa, he hesitantly agreed but remains glad he did for it was an incredible thrill, their mutual orgasms were obscene in their ferocity while timing was spot on to dodge being caught by his mother.

Edna had mixed feelings when Project Star was successfully completed, she had far exceeded the expectations of the board, the site was more profitable than ever before and returning a higher revenue per employee than any other site. The right people were now in place, her role was over and she had readily accepted the invitation to join the board of directors. But Project Swimmer Hunk had also far exceeded her expectations, Jonny was more than just a fuck toy, she really liked Jonny because he was a handsome, intelligent and appealingly shy man. Forcing him to overcome his bashfulness and approach her, an assertive, over confident, bikini clad black beauty more than double his age, at the pool had been a defining moment as was the first day he temporarily owned her. She was going to find it difficult to resist visiting him for some good times but that was part of the résumé she had set herself and once she had made a decision there was no going back.


This was twenty years ago and Jon, he now loathes being called Jonny, still does not know how to feel about Edna, at the time he did not realise just how much he was owned by her, she was highly intelligent, calculating and coercive in telling him what to do and when under the pretence she was educating him. Sexy thoughts about her still make him hard but Jon now considers her as unhinged and depraved but at the time could not believe his luck, what teenage lad fucking a seriously fit, fun and hot 43 year old woman on a daily basis for nearly a year would not? Edna taught him how to use his mouth and cock to satisfy women with no regard at all for his or her emotional wants, not how to love. She taught and performed hundreds of different positions, by the time she left he had been trained in more sex positions than most men will practice in their lifetime.

She could be brutal but the eroticism of rough play fighting, being physically beaten by a woman and fighting back tears was mystifyingly exciting. Twenty years on he has still not appreciated the physical side of sex as much as with Edna, athleticism and stamina well beyond that of most women and she never mentioned his cock was too big, unlike some women he had subsequently met. Ensuing dates with girls his own age proved to be systemic failures for the following decade, older women who appreciated his knowledge and skill were favoured but these women were seeking a good fucking from a stud rather than a relationship.

He had very mixed feelings about having the big question answered, could he be the father to a with Edna or Bianca? Was Edna’s trim navel really protruding a during the last few weeks or was this his fanciful imagination. It was a years after she moved out that he plucked the courage to have himself tested for STDs, thankfully all tests coming back negative. Despite her egotistical attitude Tommy has no regrets, just like any other man who had been blessed with setting eyes on that ebony grandmother baring her huge black booty by the pool in that bikini thong.

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Please comment, love to know what you like and do not like about this tale

joeplt125 75 M
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I gave you a Very good rating since it was more of a documentation of year of training Jonny. Sure there was sex and fucking, some how, same way the story is missing something. Lust maybe, I am still not sure as I post this comment.

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quote joeplt125:

I gave you a Very good rating since it was more of a documentation of year of training Jonny. Sure there was sex and fucking, some how, same way the story is missing something. Lust maybe, I am still not sure as I post this comment.
Thanks for taking the time to write a few notes, perhaps what you mean is that there is not enough emotion in the style of writing?