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Member Article:Boyhood Crush Post Your Comment

BlackPussyRules 59 M
12  Articles

Boyhood Crush


Long before puberty had set in James was infatuated with their next door neighbour, he loved touching and playing with his willie while thinking of her without understanding the connection between him, her and his willie. All he was aware of was that the two went together well!

There were many things about Pearl that excited him, he adored how she tied her back into a small and tight ponytail so baring her gorgeous facial features, he loved seeing her dressed in skin tight figure hugging blue jeans that he found particularly provocative when paired with boots. The summer months where very special as she would wear indecently short skirts and equally small tops, to this boy she was carnal heaven. Despite her sporadic risqué dress style she also looked classy, her demeanour was intoxicating, easy to talk to and took an interest in what he was up to both in and out of school.

It was not just James though, his Dad also admired her from afar and, in the privacy of his own home, made little secret of it, often remarking that Pearl had the body of a goddess. Although at the time James did not understand the significance of this phrase he knew his mother found it truly offensive.

Growing into adolescence James noticed changes, in particular how his cock hardened without him even touching it when setting eyes upon her. However, it was only after the class discussing Darwin’s theory of sexual selection that everything fell into place, James now fully appreciated this response was innate, he understood why he found those big hips so enticing, her round breasts alluring. She possessed all the attributes to make a perfect sexual partner and for fifteen year old James that was kind of daunting. But to make matters worse he thought, just perhaps, she might share the same notion about him! Pearl filled this young man with both fear and excitement in equal measures.

Yes it was true, instead of ignoring his teenage attention Pearl flirted with him, was fully aware of the effect she had on the young boy of her next door neighbours and made no effort to discourage his curiosity.

Little changed over the following two years, he grew more handsome, rugged and taller and played on the school rugby team. Pearl was surprised there was no girlfriend as he was approachable, blond, tanned, athletic and academically in the top ten percentile. Awkwardly though he was still less than half her age, but by now only just.

At thirty-five was Pearl now too for a crush? Apparently not, she was sexually entranced by him, when setting eyes on him the dampness between her thighs did not lie, she wanted to fuck him badly, wrong for sure, but that was the reality. She sought that youthful passion, that ability to stay hard for hours even after coming and she would put money on him being a virgin, pocketing a V-card had been on her bucket list since her early twenties. James also reminded her of shamelessly fucking a cocky white at a house party some fifteen long years ago, their bouncing on the bed leaving the other party goers totally aghast as they fucked each other senseless.

It was now over three years since she had last had sex, just under three years ago the father of her two girls moved out, hence her hunger for sex was immense and James was the near perfect quarry, a handsome and virile young man who would have been perfect if he were not the of her neighbours!

One warm summer morning Pearl plucked up the courage to invite James to join her and her daughters for a day on the beach, James took a few seconds to process what she had just asked, was this for real? He would be a fool to say no, a chance to spend time with her, may be even see her in a bikini, he would be ready as soon as he had told his mates he was unable to attend the game that afternoon.

Two hours later heads turned as the scantily clad statuesque black woman strode onto the beach with the beefy white teenage lad and her two young daughters, oh the looks they got, some of envy, others curiosity but also a few of utter disapproval.

Pearl applied sun cream to her girls who ran off to build sandcastles when done, freeing her to turn her attention to James. She took her time rubbing cream into his back with long, slow, sensual and firm strokes, then handed James the sun cream and slid out of her skirt and top to uncover her fabulous body sporting nothing more than a miniscule white micro bikini! Turning her back to him she purposefully gave James a stupendous eyeful of her oversized black butt by bending over to pick up the girl’s sunhats. The narrow strip of white fabric was completely invisible buried deep in her arse crack as she scurried over to them, jiggling her curvy body with intent.

That was hot but she turned the temperature up another notch by laying her towel right next to his, leaving no gap at all and lay down on her front real close to him.

She asked him to cream her back and booty! James creamed her back before nervously squirting more cream into the palm of his hand and timidly placing his hand on her butt. Leaking precum he gently rubbed cream into her exposed bum cheeks, knowing how jealous his father would be if he could see him now, his hand on her arse, her immense and implausibly firm arse, without a smidgeon of wobble.

Pearl turned over and James attempted to hand the cream back, after all she had only creamed his back, but she looked at him expectedly, giving him little choice. The micro bikini only partially covered her breasts but he tentatively creamed the rest of her body. James put the cream down, Pearl sensually creamed her exposed breast skin and made it plain she had hoped he would do this!

An hour later his cock was still bulging when her asked for money for ice creams. As they ran off she took a packet of cigarettes out of the bag, she rarely smoked and certainly not in front of her girls, but with seduction of her young neighbour her goal, today was to be an exception.

Inhaling deeply she lit a cigarette that she offered it to James, who politely refused whilst endeavouring to hide his shock and disappointment on learning she smoked. She looked after her body, there was a multigym in her conservatory and most days she went jogging, she was a quick and strong runner, it was another aspect of her that he found attractive. Even so he found her smoking erotic, her pout moments before placing the cigarette between her lips and the confident manner in which she blew smoke skywards were mesmerising. A few minutes later she stood, said it was to check on her girls, but James, having also just debated courting rituals at school, speculated otherwise as magnificent was the only possible description of the vision of her looking down the beach, her breasts rising and falling in unison with the inhaling and exhaling of smoke. A true statuesque beauty, the white micro bikini was a striking contrast with her dark skin whilst also baring way too much of her heaving breasts. With her looking down the beach James ran his eyes over her body, she was unquestionably utterly magnificent but, with cigarette in hand, ludicrously wanton too, he went into a daydream only to be brought out of it by a loud slap, on turning round he caught a woman scolding her partner for gawping! He glanced around the beach and realised that the hapless chap was not the only one ogling the stunning black woman.

When her girls were returning she extinguished the cigarette and asked James if he would go for a swim. Despite the large and embarrassing bulge in his Speedos James could hardly refuse so just hoped she did not notice. Well it only got worse when he stood, his cock was trying to burst out of his Speedos, why did he not wear his swim shorts?! The hard on persisted as they walked down together, not helped by her breasts heaving as they meandered down to the sea, occasionally bumping into each other. Was she doing this on purpose?

Although they had always got on well the time they spent together in the sea and on the beach was really special for both of them as they laughed and frolicked together like two teenagers, not just one.

All too soon it was time to leave but this proved to be the icing on the cake. James stared in utter disbelief as Pearl untied and removed her damp bikini top. There were women who had been on the beach topless all day but Pearl’s breasts were simply rounder and firmer with, best of all, big protruding nipples. Remaining topless she slipped her skirt on, slid her bikini bottom off and picked up the towels and swimwear before covering her breasts. As if that was not enough Pearl stayed bra and panty less, it was over an hour home, an hour sat next to her knowing her womanhood was bare!

When home she asked him to pop around in a couple of hours’ time for a bite to eat after she had put her girls to bed, of course he said yes.

Entering home Mum asked if he wanted something to eat, without thinking he replied that he was going round to Pearl’s later to eat. James’s mother wondered what was going on, a day on the beach and then dinner, what was Pearl up to? Pearl was very friendly but there was also no denying she was a very attractive woman who certainly did not look her age, was it possible she was seducing her seventeen year old ? Surely James would not be interested in a black woman only slightly younger than his own mother? It made little sense to her, but neither did she understand why James had not yet had a girlfriend despite being one of the more popular boys at school. She recalled the occasion he told her that most of the girls at school were infantile so maybe her little boy did have designs on Pearl. Surely, hopefully, they were not contemplating sex though? She knew it was possible though, at least she had chatted to him about the importance of contraception and minimising the risk of STDs.

In truth James had been rejected, thrice. It was a source of embarrassment that he did not talk about. Maybe his crush with Pearl was partially to blame, it was not lost on him that all three girls were black and beautiful, with booties that made all the boys at school drool. Two girls refused because they did not date white guys, the other; the most gorgeous of all three, was in fact unavailable because she was dating the head boy.

Naturally as soon as James closed his bedroom door he pulled his cock and extraordinarily, considering how excited he had been all day, did not cum straight away. Otherwise the time dragged, James had no idea what to expect but certainly hoped sex was on the cards, could he really lose his virginity tonight? He was nervous, unsure how to instigate sex, he did not want to damage their family friendship or embarrass her, wanting Pearl to initiate sex, being older and experienced. It was possible that just food was the order of the day, but after their day together, surely not? Pearl was a great cook, he had sampled her cooking on many occasions but never just the two of them.

So far everything was progressing much as Pearl hoped, the day on the beach had been a lot of fun and it was obvious that the bikini had caught his attention. She had bought a packet of condoms a few days ago and they were waiting upstairs on the bedside table. Despite feeling uneasy about seducing her neighbour she also needed a damn good fucking and was confident he would be up to the task! Why? Speedos did not hide much, she had been staggered that his cock had been hard all day on the beach!

But then the doorbell rang, it was her sister, what did she want? Her girls were in bed, she was now cooking and he was due in about half an hour. She had little choice though, she invited her in and of course she walked straight into the kitchen, it was obvious Pearl had someone coming around soon but she knew there was little point in prying, she would not tell her anyway. She only stayed twenty minutes but it meant Pearl now had no time to shower and change.

At just gone 9pm James knocked on her door, she answered still attired in her beach wear, did that mean she was still panty less? Pearl welcomed him in with the waft of her cooking delighting his nostrils.

She opened a bottle of wine, they ate and drank but despite chatting easily about the day and the fun they had had the tension was palpable. Pearl was nervous, she knew what she wanted and knew it was wrong, she popped into the hall and returned with the cigarettes. Pearl suggestively spaced her legs, rested her left hand on her hip, slipped a cigarette between her lips and lit up, blowing smoke towards James, his pupils dilated and cock swelled. This was just the reaction she hoped for, she giggled and asked if he had run straight to his bedroom to pull his cock after she had dropped him off, James felt himself turn bright red.

This was just the encouragement he needed though to approach her and place his hand on the hem of her skirt. He gazed into her eyes, Pearl smiled and lifted her head slightly, James understood this gesture was permission to lift her skirt, even so he was relieved when she smiled as he lifted the hem of her skirt. Yes, she was still panty less!

Pearl in turn looked him in the eye and placed her hand holding the cigarette on his crotch.

“Will I be your first?” she questioned.

His heart missed a beat, had he heard her correctly? He was speechless, he nodded, Pearl smiled again for she would be the owner of the V-card of her handsome white teenage neighbour very soon! James tentatively kissed her lightly on the cheek finally breaking the awkwardness of the moment.

Pearl let him know she wanted no holds barred no strings attached electrifying sex, not just tempestuous sex though, it was to be an education for him, it was not to be wham bam thankyou mam, she needed a damn good fucking, was he up for it? Did it bother him that everyone only received one V-card and his would be collected by a black woman?

James laughed, this was an honour that few white boys pull off. He paused then explained how while in class learning Darwin’s theory of sexual selection his attention had turned to her, she had always excited him, he now understood that excitement was sexual in nature. Her physical characteristics made her the perfect mate. Intelligence, strength and physical form, her slim waist and big childbearing hips were genetic perfection. Of course he was up for it, Pearl smiled, notwithstanding his inexperience they were clearly an ideal sexual match, her pussy was itching to feel his white cock!

James understood her carnal desires and despite his innocence, was completely unfazed and utterly determined to deliver. His cock was harder than ever! He ran his eyes over her smoking hot body, what a fantastic physique she was blessed with, if she could not both receive and deliver the goods then who could?

James followed her up the stairs, his eyes flitted between her arse, powerful thighs and slim waist, absorbing the immense sexual appeal of her ever so dark black skin. She was so sexy, cigarette in hand, short skirt and small top with no underwear. His mind went back to the glances and stares she received from other men on the beach, Pearl could have any man she wanted, he could not believe what was happening, considering her an Aunt, she was a very good friend of his parents as well as being his next door neighbour, but here he was following her upstairs, to her bedroom. Pearl slipped out of her top to once again reveal her firm and round breasts, her nipples protruding, so dark and inviting, unbuttoned her skirt that fell to the floor and stood completely naked in front of him. James took a gasp as the magnificence of the radiant black woman was now fully apparent as she gazed at him, inhaling and exhaling cigarette smoke. She was thick but without an ounce of fat, her breasts were firm, her hips potent, she was beautiful, her pubic hair neatly shaved to leave a strip of tight curls that corresponded perfectly to where her bikini had hugged earlier that day. The image of her completely naked and smoking while gazing into his eyes is one that he will simply never forget!

Pearl stepped into the ensuite shower and beckoned James to join her, now she finally got to see him naked, he definitely had the necessary equipment, so long as he was a quick learner she was not going to be disappointed. James bent down and gently suckled her big nipples while holding her arse tightly. Pearl ran her fingers over his erect cock, sadly though the cubicle was too small for her to kneel and take him into her mouth. She put her arms around him and they embraced, he pulled her close and they entwined in a passionate clinch. Pearl gasped, she felt the warmth of his rock solid phallus slip into her pussy! Amazingly, he was now buried to the hilt inside her, she knew they were both hot for each other, but, boy, that was something else! No wriggling, no guiding, nothing but there was no doubt, his unprotected cock had effortlessly and naturally slipped inside and it felt recklessly good. It took a few seconds to recover her composure, how did that happen, she knew she was damp but that was crazy! His hips swayed ever so smoothly! It felt so good, so right, but this was not what she had planned, she was not on the pill, she gazed into his eyes and, placing her finger on his lips, gently pulled away and left the shower to wrap him in a soft towel.

Standing by the bed she stared in awe at his torso, he looked even better naked than he did in those Speedos, he looked so fit, his cock had felt so good, should they fuck without protection? She knew she was clean, after throwing her ex out she had got herself tested. She gestured for him to lie on the bed, his cock bolt upright, foreskin fully retracted and precum leaking in anticipation. Ignoring the packet of condoms Pearl swung her leg over the straining and inflexible phallus that enthusiastically awaited her wet and fertile pussy. Gazing into his eyes she positioned her damp and partially opened labia above his shiny penis glans and paused, his eyes lit a fire in her soul, there was an intensity between them like she had never experienced before, Pearl chose to succumb to the lust that existed between them and lowered her pussy lips onto his unsheathed fat white cock head. Her slit found the tip of the rock hard mast effortlessly. For James this was beyond belief, the thrill of her wetness engulfing his cock, the ease with which he slipped inside again. Pearl gradually sunk to the base of his thick cock, her pussy partnering his cock like a tight fitting glove. The sensations were totally awesome after so many hand jobs.

Six hours ago James had his first ever glimpse of her breasts on the beach, now he was lying on her bed with his rock solid phallus buried deep in her hot wet black kitty. James simply did not know where to look, her eyes, breasts, erect nipples, colossal hips or to revel in the spectacular difference between their skin colours. Little did he know about what was coming his way, Pearl knew exactly what she wanted and how to extract the best from a man and forgoing the condom added to the excitement!

She gently thrust her hips forward and back again, sinking from the tip of his cock to base and back again, enrapturing James with sensations. The pleasure as James experienced a minor orgasm was unlike anything he had felt before but as the accompanying dribble of cum seeped out James felt uneasy. Pearl, sensing something was not right, stopped still and asked him what was up.

James remembers the exchange as if it happened yesterday.
“Shouldn’t I wear a condom?”
“Honey, when you’re with me, no”

It was not just what she said, it was the manner in which it was said, her hands resting reassuringly on his chest, the words uttered soothingly and confidently. James relaxed as Pearl once again gently thrust her powerful hips back and forth, he gazed lustfully into her eyes as she increased the pace and power of her thrusts. Very soon James felt the dampness of a second wee orgasm as further cum leaked into her pussy, adding to the sexual juices dribbling down his thighs. The sensations she was delivering were astonishing, the pleasure delivered by her big hips was remarkable while the visual delight of her dark black skin against his pasty white skin was breath-taking. At this moment in time James felt like the luckiest in the world. She stepped the thrusting up another gear, his balls tightened, James instinctively knew what was about to happen and held out for as long as possible.

"Holy fuck, my virginity, going….going…….. gone!" James yelled, as his balls jerked and cock exploded, firing a jet of virile cum deep into his next door neighbour. Pearl’s pussy convulsed around him, tightening, driving him to fire further shots of creamy sperm deep inside her. That moment was beyond belief, it felt so good, holding her big black ass, his cock still buried deep inside her. It was still stiff as Pearl withdrew her cum soaked pussy and reached over for a tissue to soak up some of his seed. Pearl once again placed her finger on his lips,
“Shhh…your parents are the other side of that wall!”

James sat up but what she did next did not help, she pushed him back down and with her back to him positioned her big ass above his erect cock. She wrapped her hand around his cock and guided it onto and into her pussy. James grabbed a pillow to prop his head up, he had to watch her big black arse slide down his cock to be cradled by her black lovebox. She made his hips look tiny, now James was by no means petite but compared to Pearl, unbelievable. Pearl leant forward and launched a frenzy of hip movements, her arse bouncing blindingly fast. James considered if there could be any sight sexier than watching a big black arse bucking over a thick white cock. He loved this position and she knew how to deliver, his control was improving with each stroke and she sensed this by fucking him harder and faster, James tried to help out but the position made it near impossible. He had watched a couple of porno videos, Pearl was unquestionably fitter and more capable than any of the porn actresses in the films but with her body why would he be surprised?

She started moaning and talking real dirty, James could tell her excitement was building as she called out his name and shrieked about how good riding his big white cock felt. Pearl simply kept bouncing like a woman possessed, thigh muscles flexing, heart thumping, the bed banging raucously against the wall, her tight pussy wrapped around his rock hard cock, her tits recoiling with each thrust. That small and tightly tied ponytail that had excited him so much as a boy bobbed frenetically as she fucked him relentlessly, there was no let up, she had found a cock that could be worked and she was using it for her own carnal pleasure and it did feel so good. Pearl swung herself around, she wanted to see his face, look into his eyes as they both came.

She rode him vigorously, only lessening the ferocity when she came, shrieking in ecstasy as her spamming pussy tightened around his cock. James hollered her name numerous times as he came again and again. Their bodies convulsed in a passionate mating ritual as Pearl squeezed her sweaty boobs into his chest, indulging in their mutual orgasms. Clinging to him, she whispered in his ear that James was good. They lay together with his now semi-flaccid cock still buried in her pussy. Eventually Pearl lifted herself off of him and hovered allowing his cum to run out of her pussy and onto his torso, he gazed into her eyes, she looked away but her beaming face said just as much as her eyes, it was apparent that her elation was as enormous as his.

Pearl left the room to check up on her , relieved to find them both still asleep and undisturbed by the commotion from the adjacent room, unlike James’s parents!

On her return she was thrilled for the white cock was back at full mast ready, waiting and impatient to penetrate her yet again. The chemistry, encouragement and her talent were remarkable but James wanted to reverse the roles. Pearl had the same idea, the next position was to be doggy, but beforehand Pearl insisted they move the bed away from the wall as his parents’ bedroom was just the other side.

It was far too late for that, his parents were both already in bed and well aware of the shenanigans next door, well aware that their teenage and neighbour were fucking each other senseless. His mother was particularly unhappy, fucking cradle snatcher, how could she? To make matters worse Mike was lying next to her harbouring a hard on of the strength he had not achieved for at least ten years. How could he be getting off on knowing his only was fucking their neighbour, fucking a thirty-five year old black woman, knowing she had just taken his cherry? She knew James was growing up and it had to happen sometime, but the brazen nature of their actions was sickening. But things were about to get a lot worse.

Pearl positioned herself to watch in the mirrored wardrobe and smiled upon seeing the mature black slut in the reflection, her arse up in the air, allowing the young white stud to effortlessly feed his cock slowly into her sticky pussy until he could go no deeper. Long slow strokes gave way to quicker, harder thrusting until he was colliding violently with her massive black arse, loud smacking noises emanated from his muscular thighs as they crashed into the curvy black woman, their sexual chemistry was insane, Pearl was shouting encouragement at him to fuck her harder, how good his big white cock felt and to fill her with his seed. It was surreal, James had imagined this on many occasions but the reality was way way sexier than James had ever expected. Being egged on by her dirty talk the bed springs took an absolute hammering as they tried to out fuck each other, in terms of effort there was nothing to choose between them, James was enthralled by her stamina, despite her smoking she was one very fit and strong woman. Some forty minutes passed when she arched her back and he shot more baby batter into her and collapsed, exhausted, on top of her.

She was not finished with him yet, once again taking on her Auntie role and teaching him to eat pussy, how to find and indulge a clit and even a brief lesson on how to kiss. And of course they sixtynined and fucked again and again, on the bed, the chair, the dressing table and, for a brief period, on the window sill with the curtains open! Pearl had simply never had a fucking that got close to what she was being dealt, her pussy should have been red raw but she still wanted more, creaming like never before, producing oodles of lubrication for his beautiful big white cock just as nature intended. She had manipulated him to provide what she sought and he was the perfect student, listening and acting as instructed. The lovers stood face to face, neither could comprehend the passion, adoration and esteem that existed between them.

Lust once again took hold of James as he gazed at the black woman who had taken his virginity, her flawless dark skin and stunning facial features provoking his cock once again. He placed his hands under her buttocks, lifted her muscular sixty-five kilo frame off the ground, pinned her against the wall and looking deep into her eyes drove his cock into her. As he recoiled Pearl wrapped her legs tightly around his torso to give him unfettered access, as per many times already to her womanhood. His opening strokes were slow and firm, Pearl flexed her leg muscles in time with his thrusting to speed him up. He was having none of it, this was his fuck and he was going to savour it. He rocked her around on his cock a bit, getting her arse in the perfect position against the wall to cushion the wild thrusting that he was about to unleash. He pulled his cock all the way out and slammed into her, again and again and again, pulling her towards him with each thrust, her big arse cushioning the impact against the plasterboard wall.

James unleashed a torrent of thrusts that staggered Pearl, his power was both sensational and erotic, he was fanatical, banging her like a man possessed. Each powerful thrust was flexing the plasterboard wall causing it to tap against his parent’s headboard!

Neither of his parents could believe what they were listening to, in the twelve years that they had been neighbours they had never heard Pearl having sex. Pearl and their little boy had now been fucking for five hours, were there really just two of them or was it possible that her sister still there? His mother could not comprehend how one woman could fuck for so long while his father was plain jealous, just how many times had he hoped to plunge his cock into their stunning black neighbour? What was going down next door was intense.

As they fucked the sweat built up again, his grip on her buttocks slipped and his big finger entered her arsehole. He continued to hammer her, she was shouting encouragement again, his finger slipped further into her anus. As the volume of her moaning increased James pushed his finger in further, what the fuck, her pussy started gushing, what the hell was going on? He stopped, she screamed at him not to stop, to carry on, with his finger now fully engaged he slammed as deep as possible, Pearl screamed in utter pleasure as she came again and again, squirting pussy juice all over his cock. By now they had both lost count of how many times he had come inside her that evening but he had now added another. With his cock finally softening he put her down and they embraced in a long sensual kiss.

His mother winced, no way was that penetrating scream of an orgasm faked, not that she knew what an amazing orgasm would be like. Pearl had taken her little boy and metamorphosed him into a man, into a stud. Seeking solace she wrapped her arm around Mike just as he shot a colossal jet of cum into his pyjamas! Her world was disintegrating, the innocence of her Tommy been stolen and her husband had cum fantasising over having his own cock buried in his African goddess!

It was nearly four o’clock when James finally made his way back home next door, his understanding of goddess now clearer. Unsurprisingly he fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow happy that he had finally lost his virginity, a momentous occasion for any boy but losing it to the sensational black woman next door was insane. How many other boys had fucked for six hours their first time? And without rubber? For him there was no doubt that her skill and experience were the root causes. But for Pearl it was his strong and constant erection that was key. James could not deny that even he was surprised how hard his cock stayed, how excited he had been, how he relished losing his virginity to the older and experienced black woman.

Pearl took another look at her and wondered how they had slept through her shrieks of pure sexual ecstasy. The teenage yearning she saw develop in his eyes was clearly genuine for he had easily outperformed all her previous sexual partners, including the white stud from the party. It was incomprehensible as he was the youngest she had ever had so perhaps Darwin was right? Unadulterated lust had rocked her world in a way she did not believe possible.

Little did he know that his parents were still awake and had heard everything, he had some questions to answer in the morning, especially about protection and contraception! James would realise that he had no idea if she was on the pill, he had assumed her reply meant yes, but did it?

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Wonderful description of a very exciting encounter.

jrh4443 69 M
Quote | Vote

One wonders how this relationship develops, the passion, the caring ad more, Hope more chapters to this story

zoso1122 62 M
Quote | Vote

wow what a story my cock was so hard after reading it

Quote | Vote

Disappointed he didn't hit that ass...

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spell check would help

camoldie 82 M
Quote | Vote

excellent story well told. Riveting till the end

Quote | Vote

Thanks, quite possibly as it transpires Pearl knows the mother of the girl dating the head boy.

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quote Pleasureinc:

Wonderful description of a very exciting encounter.
LOL, you have seen through me, I do not have the imagination required to make this story up!

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quote whiskywoman:

spell check would help
Please tell me which word or words are incorrectly spelt???

hhhb27 58 M
Quote | Vote

Well, Pearl obviously broke him in well...

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love the story hope more to cum

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Now, I liked this story. Most are like they were written by 5th graders.

Mack702018 64 M
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Great story I want to try a black lady one day.

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Thank you for sharing. This is another hot story.....left me yearning for more!

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quote arealbadboy333:

Now, I liked this story. Most are like they were written by 5th graders.
LOL, thanks I know what you mean

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quote Mack702018:

Great story I want to try a black lady one day.
Thank you, but please, make love to a black woman, we all have emotions

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Nice story made my dick hard has something happened to me when I was five found out what that hole was for been filling them ever since

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quote Wildbill4318:

Nice story made my dick hard has something happened to me when I was five found out what that hole was for been filling them ever since
Thanks Wild bill, those early sexual memories do bring a smile to my face

Quote | Vote

Noticed the crappy algorithms had removed some words, in particular "years". Resubmitted with the missing words put back in, and added the risqué paragraph where his father cums.

dpj59 59 M
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what a wonderful story and every boy hood dream

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Phenomenal account of bananas lust, love the detail. More please, all your stories are fabulous

justme51 72 M
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Beautiful story every boys dream