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Member Article:The Lettings Agent Post Your Comment

BlackPussyRules 59 M
12  Articles

The Lettings Agent



Her sultry huskiness swept Dave off his feet leaving him speechless, she repeated the question a few seconds later,
“Hello, may I speak with Dave please?”

“Spea…king”, he replied hesitantly.

“Hi Dave, this is Linda from Next Move Lettings, a property fitting your requirements has come onto our books, can you view this afternoon?”

This small agency had come highly recommended, offering both high quality accommodation and great support when needed, and with decent rental properties being reserved quickly they arranged to meet at the apartment block within the hour. How he wished it was Sharona, the flirtatious and obscenely gorgeous woman who took his photo and details for their files, showing him around.

"Ha-ha, really? Frankly she would no doubt hope to avoid doing so, after all you asked her out but she politely and apologetically said no!” he muttered to himself.

Dave was 22, tall, intelligent and handsome but had never had a girlfriend let alone sex. His friends would never have guessed, despite being very quiet and incredibly shy his confidence shone through but, including Sharona, it was possible to count the number of women he had asked out on one hand, was he socially inept or was it down to an inexplicable preference to date black women?

Making his way to the property the remote possibility of a change in plan crossed his mind, perhaps Sharona would show him around, the bulge in his jeans was testament of his strong desire for Sharona, picturing her engaging smile he crossed his fingers in hope but not expectation, she had a confidence that he found agonisingly attractive, a confidence bolstered by an outrageously microscopic miniskirt, one that would require nerve to wear to a nightclub never mind the office!

Immersed in a dreamy sea of hormones he absentmindedly and rashly ogled a lady stepping out of a brand new Mercedes a few metres away. His pace slowed as she emerged, a pair of red kitten heeled shoes adorned dark chocolate calves and a knee height skirt rode up her thigh. He was mesmerised, like watching a butterfly metamorphose, he stared, enthralled by her cleavage as she rose into full view while juggling the remote key fob, paperwork, cigarettes and a lighter. Although clearly in a hurry she also appeared to be distracted by something going on behind him. He continued to eye her until he realised her eyes were focussed on him?! The eye contact was sizzling, big, alluring eyes making it all the more astonishing, her sexual appeal more than rivalled Sharona, outrageously chic, stunningly curvy physique accentuated by the figure hugging black knee high pencil skirt and a stylish sleeveless white blouse. Much older than Sharona, possibly early thirties, she was ticking all the right boxes and then some. Astonishingly she then smiled…at him! Just his damn luck, he was running late due to the delays on the tube and had no time to stop.

“Hello Dave”, she called out in that unmistakable husky voice, he was a tad embarrassed.

Despite the auspicious beginning they chatted freely during the short walk to the apartment, so easily that, immodestly, he slipped into the conversation that he sought a place close to the prestigious solicitors at which he was soon to start, having recently graduated with a first.

“Youthful, good looks and intelligence, my type of man!” she responded in a genuine, sensual and confident tone.

“Thanks, you look good too!” he lied, she looked far better than “good”. She was gorgeous, sophisticated and super sexy.

Shivers of excitement ran down his spine, he felt totally at ease flirting with this women, her ring finger was adorned with a wedding band so he was poised, she was unavailable but that did not stop his cock filling his jeans especially when following her up the flights of stairs. Who could blame him, her firm butt cheeks shifted enticingly in the figure hugging black skirt that would have been business like if it was not so absurdly tight around her thighs and arse, accentuating every curve of her glorious body and well defined calves. Her hair was tied back into a sexy stubby ponytail that bobbed with each step, the red band a perfect colour match with her shoes.

Inside the apartment they chatted comfortably as Linda stood by the bedroom door and pointed him to the kitchen diner, the small lounge furnished with a useful sofa bed and then the bathroom. Dave viewed each of them, now there was the bedroom left but she was partially and conceivably deliberately obstructing the door.

"You gonna look in the bedroom?" she questioned.

Apprehensively he edged past her, unintentionally brushing her breast as he crossed the bedroom threshold, turning to apologise the words never came because, despite the ring, her dazzling eyes were sending shivers down his spine, they were mesmerising, it was…as if…they were inviting him to…fuck her? Surely not, that just does not happen to geeky white guys like him. But that was not all, her nipples were now evident through her blouse. He dragged his eyes away from her breasts and back to her eyes, her large, lust filled come to bed eyes! Was he seeing what he wanted to see or was he witnessing reality?

Reminding himself he was here to view the property he turned his back on her to check out the window view, making some trivial comment. Spinning back again he did a double take, whoa, her uppermost buttons were now undone presenting a clear view of her ample dark cleavage. His heart was now beating at ten to the dozen, gawping, incapable of muttering a word, his mind was in turmoil, she was giving out surefire fuck me signals. Was he going to return home still a virgin and masturbate at what could have been? He had no condoms, did she? If not, was she on the pill? Or what if she had an STD? Would he disappoint her by coming too quickly? Did he really want to lose his virginity to a woman who may be ten years older? What?!! Stop making excuses, look at her, she is awesome, she is every white man’s fantasy, a curvy ebony goddess with large sexy eyes giving the impression she wants you Dave!!! So what if you come too quickly? Dave, you regularly come twice while masturbating and still remain hard, stop fretting. What is Linda thinking? What??? Dave you know what she is thinking, her eyes tell you!!! Tell her you want to fuck her, no, far too vulgar, tell her you hope to see her again, what, she is too old for you to date and married! Perhaps I really have misread her he thought!

With a sigh, another signal perhaps, she placed her hands on her hips.

“Are you interested, my business does not run itself you know?” Linda questioned. Was she referring to them? Was there really a ‘them’? Or was she referring to the property.

“In what?” he ineptly replied.

“Nowadays I rarely show around properties” she countered, sliding a cigarette out of the box and placing it between her luscious lips lit up. He was mesmerised, her large eyes never left his, unquestionably she knew smoking in a ’s property was wholly unacceptable, surely this was a come on? After inhaling she offered it to him, he shook his head, she took in a further lungful of smoke, her sex appeal increased by another notch, his cock wanted to bust out of his jeans. He was apprehensive, why was she showing him around today? Because Sharona did not want to?

“Ready…to… leave?” she asked, exhaling smoke between each word while continuing to eye him. He remained immobile and speechless, he now knew Linda was her own boss and that was added stimulation, as if he needed more!

Linda turned and moved towards the door provocatively swaying her body, his eyes glued to that big and unquestionably firm booty, damn, he wanted to get his hands on that! At the door she flicked ash into an ornament in the hallway and turned to face him,

“What's your problem? Is it because I am black? Or too old? Or too fat? Or my smoking?”

Dave shook his head. He was a bag of nerves, confused, still a virgin and wanted true love, not unbridled lust. Not just that but she was out of his league, a genuine cougar, an alpha female, a true goddess. Get real Dave, he told himself, she wants you, go and kiss her, if she pushes you away so what? Condom or not, your cock is bulging for her right now, it wants to be buried balls deep in her pussy! Your eyes are lust filled and your cock is frantic, why are you still doing nothing? Tell her she is the most awesome looking woman you have ever set eyes upon. He was about to open his mouth when she stepped toward him blowing out smoke, laughing when the smoke permeated his airway and caused him to cough.

“You bitch”, he muttered, kicking off his shoes. He grabbed hold of her ass, gobsmacked, his fingers hardly sunk in at all, he guessed her arse was firm but that was absurd, this woman must work out he thought. His sexual craving for her was completely off the scale, he pulled her into his body, mashing her against his swollen cock and planted his lips on hers while fumbling with his flies to free his rock hard cock from his jeans. Linda pulled away,
“Relax honey, never even kissed before have you, yeah, 22 years old and still a virgin? Tall, slim, handsome, intelligent and a rock hard big beautiful white virgin cock, ha, I’m your man maker! Relax, there's nothing to worry about, Linda knows how to make men out of boys, especially white boys!”

Provocatively swaying her hips Linda crossed the room and opened the window, drew on the cigarette again and tossed it out. With her back to him, swivelling her hips she ran her fingers over her butt and finding the zip eased it down, exhaling smoke in unison. The tight skirt was now riding down her arse as she continued to sway her hips, exposing the top of her white thong and perfect dark orbs. The skirt dropped to the floor, he was now gazing, electrified, at the most spectacular sight he had ever set eyes upon. Her figure was striking, slim waist, long legs and big, powerful thighs and hips clearly capable of delivering sexual satisfaction in spades. Next to go was the thong, which she held aloft as she glanced over her shoulder at him!!

Dave nervously but also excitedly dropped his jeans and pants to the floor. He inched up behind to give her a hug, as he did so his rock solid schlong slid between her splayed legs and passed by her womanhood, his shaft momentarily catching a sensation of her wetness. Linda smiled and turned around, guided him to the bed and told him to lie. Still smiling she straddled his torso, positioning her soaking pussy lips millimetres from his wet cock head!

“What about a condom?” he whispered in her ear.

“Ya got some? Chill out whitie, lie down, don’t worry, go with the flow. Trust me David, I’m clean, I know I’m clean. Just don’t go soft on me…and relax, don’t want you coming too quick!” His cock was bolt upright and harder than he had ever known it, leaking precum in anticipation, his primeval eagerness to penetrate her too intense to resist. He looked into her large brown eyes, his readiness for her was unbearable, Linda beamed as her pussy contacted the of his cock and her lips opened to welcome his thick and eager cock, he had never felt anything this good before, her warmness around his cock head and, as she slithered further down, her pussy gripping his shaft firmly. He parted her blouse and gazed spellbound at the sight of his unsheathed white cock swathed by her black pussy lips. The colour contrast was so beautiful, so sexy, taboo but also so right; he too smiled.

“White boi's so fucking damn hard for his black queen. Clearly a man of impeccable taste!” she declared, then continued, “Fuck me laddie, you’re stiffer than a steel pole, never felt a man so hard, I'm gonna enjoy riding this!”

Dave too was amazed by how hard his throbbing cock was and staggered by the insanely provocative sight of the black pussy lips tautly stretched around his thick white shaft buried to the hilt inside her, her tight curls intertwined with his long and straggly pubes. She slipped her blouse off and helped Dave remove his top before unclipping her bra to reveal breasts with vast black areolae framing engorged nipples that swung freely. Not firm like her arse but definitely mightily impressive, he wanted to feel them, hold them and caress them but would have to wait though, for Linda, now naked except for her red shoes, was initiating several amazing new sensations, repeatedly sliding along the full length of his cock, coating it in her love juices and bending it this way and that, gently gyrating her big hips. For Linda this was the opportunity she had been waiting for to put into practice what she had learnt from taking the virginity of another early last year.

Linda increased the tempo gradually, constantly reminding him to relax, ensuring he did not shoot his load prematurely, she would slow and even stop when she sensed he was on the verge, the cowgirl position giving her total control. Dave was happy to leave it that way, especially when she completely withdrew to mount him again. The seductive grinding gave way to tender thrusting, her boobs bobbed as she propelled her hips back and forth, it was truly breath-taking and utterly unbelievable having this stunning cougar giving his cock its first ever work out! Suddenly Linda launched a sensational onslaught of rapid and powerful thrusts, Dave was now experiencing the remarkable power hinted at by those hips, his balls tightened and he possessed an innate desire to come inside her but not knowing if she was on the pill warned he was going to come.

Linda tautened her vaginal muscles around his cock, cautious Dave may have been hesitant about seeding this black cougar but natural instinct to seed the black woman took over, gripping her awesome arse in both hands, he pulled her toward him and exploded, shooting copious quantities of his seed deep inside her, shadowed moments later by another huge spurt and numerous smaller volleys into the black goddess. He was in seventh heaven, finally losing his virginity to such a magnificent woman was way beyond his imagination.

Linda gyrated her hips, squeezing every last drop of cum from his manhood, he pulled her toward him and they kissed, far more naturally, his clumsiness much diminished. Tasting the cigarette smoke on her lips instigated his penis, which had barely softened, to fully harden again. He finally also caressed those impressive breasts, squeezing and gently pulling on her nipples. With the juices from their adultery trickling out of her pussy onto the previously unsullied mattress she lifted herself off him.

“Fuck me whitey, just how much cum did you pump into me?” she asked, pointing at the copious mass of sperm dribbling down her legs. He just lay there, beaming, his cock bolt upright, hoping, wanting more.

“Don’t move” she said, returning a knowing smile and scampered out of the room, as she did so he caught his first glimpse of a tattoo across her lower back, knowing she was inked was unexpected but incomprehensibly added to her sexual appeal.

Linda returned with a couple of cushions that she placed under his head and lined her big black ass up with the head of his engorged cock.

Linda did not mount him immediately, no, she nestled his schlong in her arse crack and slid her cum splattered black arse crack up and down, teasing and tormenting his sensitive cock head. Egged on by the vision of the tat he smacked her big booty hard and shouted,

“Linda, quit the teasing, fuck me!”

Linda placed her hands on the mattress next to his ankles and backed into his penis. Effortlessly finding the target she slowly inched down his rock solid schlong initiating an exquisite combination of seminal and vaginal juices to seep into his pubic hair. Despite the discomfort of having his cock bent backwards, her mega black booty framing the base of his white cock buried deep in her pussy was so damn fucking sexy. Linda circled and swayed seeking the perfect angle. All he could see was her huge black booty and clocked why she had placed the cushion under his head. The vision though paled into insignificance compared to the sensations she was creating as she thrust, slowly building the pace. She was so supple, so fit, her curvy but toned body hardly moved, the action was all in the hips, she was good, so good, the ecstasy delivered simply kept on coming. Before too long her great arse was bouncing on his schlong with improbable momentum, each stroke fully exploiting his many inches of rock hard white meat, tightening her pussy to clench his cock at the top of each stroke. He was being fucked senseless. Would a younger woman fuck this good? Would a white babe fuck this good? He doubted it, was not even sure another black woman could either! Attempting to thrust in return, Linda told him to remain still, she was in control, and to make sure she sat up and ground her pussy down onto his cock so hard it felt like his foreskin was going to tear, then lifted herself up to slam back down. Using her arms to balance, she rode him like a jockey, it was so damn sexy, so unbelievable, so amazing, her big firm black booty jiggled and pony tail quivered while vigorously bouncing up and down on his cock. Dragging his eyes away from watching her spectacular arse he looked over and into the mirror, what a sight, very similar to a scene from one of his fave porn movies of Ebony Ayes fucking a white man, excepting Linda was darker. Her breasts were bouncing in time with her powerful and relentless thrusts, Linda was strong, physically fit and unwavering. Sweat beaded on her dark skin. Her every drive delivered yet another new sexual high. The sweat began running from her body, her beautiful skin looked even more stunning.

Eventually she slowed to replace the pounding with a gentler bobbing, clenching his cock ludicrously tightly. After the pounding this was unquestionably passionate and she now leant forward to kiss him. Her lips met his as she continued to grind, it was as if a bolt of lightning hit his body, she was so sensual, his balls tightened and another consignment of sperm built. Dave held it as long as he could before his cock convulsed again and again disseminating her with more seed.

As she withdrew Linda chuckled with incredulity for his cock had barely softened, he was the cream of her cubs to date, a wholesome stud who was prepared for yet another round, she had finally found a man who could satisfy her, she thrust her arse in the air ready for some deep doggy action.

“Ram that big white cock into my black pussy, fuck me real hard and rough whitey, fuck me stud!”

Dave knelt behind her and guided his cock into her sopping cum filled pussy. That moment of penetration was so hot, he repeated it again and again, revelling in the colour contrast of his white cock opening her black pussy lips, his seed lubricating his passage.

“David, I told you to fuck me, fuck me with that thick white cock, make me come” she cried.

Dave did as he was told, wow, what a sight, her big black ass inches from his eyes, his rock hard cock dripping in their juices, sliding rapidly in and out of her pussy. His now overused cock hardened agonisingly as he placed his hands on her enormous butt and realised just how firm it actually was while running his eyes over her tattoo and fabulous body. This was ridiculously sexy and beautiful having this big hipped mature woman on all fours stretched out in front of him, the view was way beyond his wildest dream, he was fucking a true ebony goddess. Pulling her arse cheeks apart in an attempt to reduce the tight grip she was exerting, he absolutely nailed her. Having already come thrice he was confident that he could finally give her what she craved so moved his hands to both hold her big hips and pull her pussy open. He banged that pussy with all his might, the juices coating his schlong turning milky white. What a sight and sound his rubber free cock made squelching in her creaming pussy. Her moans were telling him he was doing something right but as she got louder he became concerned,

“Don’t stop!” she cried as he momentarily reduced the vigour of his strokes. With the window still open if there was anyone else in the building they would have known what was going on, for the bed springs clashed noisily into each other and the headboard slammed against the wall, Linda was orgasming! Dave upped the frantic pace, hammering her pussy she grabbed hold of the headboard slats as she came again and again. Her pussy clenched his cock startlingly tightly as she came, propelling him on the way to yet another orgasm and with a final, deep thrust he let yet more sperm loose inside Linda. The thrust struck her spot, her screams reached a crescendo and her body writhed wildly, so much so that she split some headboard slats, bringing them, laughing, back down to earth.

Was there going to be a round four? No, he was cream crackered and when Linda advised that the following day required a second viewing, he was not going to argue! They lay together, the chat came easily, and the time flew by as Dave explored every centimetre of her incredible body. But why did he get lucky? Linda would not explain but as they chatted it became apparent that Sharona had set them up, she considered him sweet but very quiet and awkward with women, making him an ideal partner…for her mother! Did he hear her correctly? For a start Linda could not be old enough? And just why would a set up her own mother for sex with a stranger? Dave was confused and mystified. Was Linda going to report back to Sharona how he had performed? The questions kept on coming but at the end of the day she had broken him in and that was awesome. After some cajoling Linda finally revealed her age, he was gobsmacked, she was days away from her fortieth! Her physique had promised sexual pleasure in spades and there was no doubt she had delivered as hinted despite her age.

That night he hardly slept, he was in seventh heaven, at 22 he had finally lost his cherry. It was not in the manner he had hoped, he wanted to meet someone special, court them and fall in love. Rational thoughts had been replaced by a powerful natural instinct driven by her carnal physique, but that was gratuitous lust of the most animalistic nature and damn, it was good. Linda was awesome and another session been organised for tomorrow but happily they were meeting for a drink in the pub on the corner first, Dave had been dumbfounded when she agreed. Both the thought of her bouncing vigorously on his rock hard dick again kept his weary cock hard for hours but he was also excited because he was taking her for a drink first, he was going on a date! In a few hours he would once again set eyes upon the gorgeous cougar and she had promised him she would put younger women to shame in a short tight skirt paired with fuck me ankle boots and cropped top. There would be no doubt in the mind of anyone seeing them together that he would be the lucky man to fuck her later that evening! Would she smoke again? His cock swelled, he sure hoped so, she was so hot, so fit and her pussy so tight. This time he was going to ask her to teach him how to eat pussy, teach him how to eat her to orgasm. Once she had finished those he was going to continue eating her until she was unable to take any more and then plunge his cock into her fiery kitty.

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good story! Once you go black, you keep going back!

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quote Blessed4WhiteBoy:

good story! Once you go black, you keep going back! :D
Thanks for commenting, glad you enjoyed.

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vwet hot sexy story white doing black tell us more

Quote | Vote

quote sexydoc1955:

vwet hot sexy story white doing black tell us more
Thanks. I do need to tell what happened on the following day and indeed over the next few weeks, suffice to say Linda introduced me to one of her friends

In the meantime there are more, my blog post Erotica contains links to my other tales.

dfranc50 76 M
Quote | Vote

yes looking forward to next day ,more fun and games

Quote | Vote

Very Hot and yes so are black women

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quote dfranc50:

yes looking forward to next day ,more fun and games
Plenty more to come yet!

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Love me some Black Pussy and Ass...Alycia wanted an Older White Man to Fuck her Ass for the 1st Time...

Quote | Vote

Reworked to be in the third person. Think it reads better?

Quote | Vote

Please continue to write, this story is excellent! I’m lying across my bed squirming and highly aroused!!!

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quote Honeybun21566:

Please continue to write, this story is excellent! I’m lying across my bed squirming and highly aroused!!!
Thank you, Linda understands your circumstance precisely, but she had the pleasure of experiencing his skill first hand!

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hot hot hot wooooo I enjoyed reading this

BiSussi 62 F
Quote | Vote

Love the way you write, love the way condoms are not the center of the situation and Linda prefers do go without it, as I do so much
Sweetness, romance and love are the basis of Making BabiesHow does this sound to you? What Shape Is YOUR PreferenceOpen 2 Threesome Weekor even better, moresome just provides options, we chose what works for us best while also considering the needs and desires of our loved one or ones.