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Member Article:The Work Experience Post Your Comment

BlackPussyRules 59 M
12  Articles

The Work Experience


Tommy had not had much luck with the opposite sex; he was nothing of the ordinary until seen naked as he was blessed, or should that be, cursed with a huge penis? Actually huge is an understatement, his monstrosity hung over half way down his thigh even when soft. He received a considerable of cruel and confidence sapping mocking and that was before puberty. It was an embarrassment and fairly soon after found it to be a fucking big obstacle to losing his virginity. Most of his mates had lost theirs, but even the year slut refused to fuck him when she saw the size of his weapon!

A year later Tommy accepted a work experience place at a large local law firm. The office was staffed predominantly with women, some of whom interpreted the term work experience as including life experience. Fiona, a very attractive blonde was the first to strike, Tommy thought his luck might finally change, after all at twentysix she probably had the experience and confidence to take on his cock, but no it was far too big. To cut a long story short three further women refused sex with him because of the proportions of his dick. Women and their gossip, not surprisingly before long the whole of the office and then the building knew about the cock of the work experience, offer after offer was placed at his feet, he rejected them all as they would simply gawp, gasp and say “No way”.

A few weeks later Tommy exchanged glances with a couple of women who worked in accounts on the floor above, he had seen them before and considered them to be the hottest looking women in the whole office block but neither had so much as even looked at him before today. Locking eyes with the older of them a ripple of excitement ran through his body and, mortifyingly, stretched the crotch of his trousers. Tommy cursed his size cock for responding so eagerly to her alluring eyes and panicked, inadvertently tipping his tray the bottled drink rolled off and came to rest at her feet! She bent down, picked it up and handed it to him, giving him both a stupendous glimpse down her cleavage and an enticing smile but, more significantly, despite the proximity of her eyes to his crotch she did not even glance in that direction.

Tommy made his way to an empty table, that magical moment signalled a thrilling connection that was unfamiliar to his innocence, she made him feel special. Finding a seat that allowed him to eye the two women, who were now being served, he occasionally glanced in their direction, their curves were absurd, especially the older woman, her booty filled the tight but business like black knee height skirt perfectly. His penis once again responded but this time he was less concerned because it was obscured from view by the table.

Tommy watched the curvaceous stunners, their beautiful dark chocolate skin so sensual, look for somewhere to sit. His eyes were all over the older woman when the other whispered to her, she nodded and they approached Tommy, were those seats taken, could they sit? Tommy nodded in disbelief, although he knew what they wanted there was something about them that told him this was worth pursuing further.
Linda sat opposite and Deanna alongside Linda, Linda may have been the chattier but it remained Deanna whom, despite the wedding band now evident on her finger, that was exciting him more. The conversation flowed easily between them, he was surprised how relaxed they were making him feel as they chatted, joked and flirted together. These women were fascinating him like nothing before, Tommy pondered, clichéd perhaps, if either, but with luck Deanna, of these stunning women would be the one to take his cherry since black men apparently had big cocks?! The truth was inconsequential, the plain fact was that both women were fun to chat with as well as being stunningly attractive.

Deanna was subtle, her eyes were inviting and body language searing, Linda was far from subtle, despite the evident chemistry between Tommy and Deanna, Linda was sure she would fuck him that evening! After all, at thirtynine Deanna was way too old for him and married. She, on the other hand was twentyfive, could host, considered herself better looking and had no hang ups about taking on a massive cock, no matter how big! He could not possibly be bigger than her battered King Kong dildo!

As the directness of the flirting intensified Linda artfully steered the conversation to dildos and, with a knowing smile, described her own King Kong dildo, leaving both Tommy and Deanna in no doubt that she would take on his mammoth cock that evening! Tommy hesitated, glanced at Deanna, she pouted and her eyes sparkled, Tommy smiled knowingly at Deanna, the sexual chemistry was perceptible and Linda was utterly deflated when Deanna and Tommy arranged to meet at hers after work.

Unsurprisingly there was now a significant bulge in his trousers hidden by the table, he had to wait for them to leave, not really a problem as gazing at Deanna’s fabulous booty was such a pleasure. His confidence that this time would be different grew, her maturity was unquestionably a major factor, but also her telling giggle when Linda mentioned her King Kong dildo.

Deanna had never fucked a white man before but was sure he could not be bigger than Errol, her ex from over a decade ago and the last person to sexually satisfy her. She was nervous, he was less than half her age, she had never taken a man’s cherry and had never been unfaithful. She was not actually that experienced, even after tonight she would still be able to count her sexual partners on one hand, but she was also soon to be forty and, having not had a good lay for a while, needed a real good fucking. The afternoon dragged; she wondered if Tommy was looking forward to having her as much as she was to him. Deanna left early after calling to remind him of their date, as if that was necessary, to seek suitable condoms, buying a couple of packs of the largest ultra-thin and ultra-thick condoms she could find.

Tommy arrived bang on time, with minimal conversation Deanna led him to her marital bedroom where she slid the night robe off her shoulders and unbuttoned his flies. As his semi-rigid cock unfurled she was in for the shock of her life, he was way bigger than Errol! His penis responded eagerly to the naked black woman, magnificent hips, alluring dark skin and gorgeous round breasts with huge areolae. Deanna inhaled deeply as she removed his clothing; she had no qualms about attempting to take that weapon but no way was the condom going to fit! She took his head into her mouth, she had deep throated Errol but this was a different ball game, perhaps she might attempt to deep throat it later. Instead she licked the thick shaft, lubricating it with saliva to help the condom slide on, even so, she ripped the first ultra-thin with her nail while attempting to roll it over his cock head, the second split part way down his shaft. She handed the next to Tommy but again it split before it was fully fitted. Deanna tried an ultra-thick, this went on but still she was unhappy as inches remained uncovered and it was struggling to contain his overexcited cock, she figured it may either split or become thrust deep into her pussy. Were they going to fuck, would the condom be okay? She grabbed hold of his engorged cock and tugged, implausibly his cock hardened further and the condom split, not on the pill either, there was no alternative, she was starting back on the pill then and there and he had to wait for a couple of weeks. So off home went Tommy, rejected and dejected once again.

Deanna lay on her bed, her pussy wetter than she had known it to be for many years. Absent mindlessly she fingered her pussy while imagining being fully filled by that monster cock, conquering it and being the first to know and understand what having it buried to the hilt in a tight pussy would feel like. Noticing her hairbrush handle was similar size to his behemoth, she slowly eased it into her soaking pussy. At the same time she recollected Linda had also given him her phone details, maybe he was ringing her right now; Deanna had heard enough of her sexual exploits already and was in doubt she would take his monster in her stride! As Tommy opened the door the phone rang, it was an implausibly apologetic Deanna begging him to return, promising she would not let him down again, she would ride him good, how could he resist? In no time all Tommy was on her doorstep, now Deanna greeted him sporting the skimpy white silk night robe her husband had bought her last Valentines, she knew how fabulous she looked in it, she knew he would have an instant hard on! Now it was Tommy who gasped when she opened the door; Tommy had no doubt she was the real deal as she led him once again to her marital bed. Another surprise followed, no condom meant he must not come inside her!

Deanna sat on the bed and beckoned Tommy over, his cock was rock solid and as she took it in her hands the enormity of the challenge ahead hit her. Would this thing fit?? It was as hard as a steel pole and longer and thicker than her hairbrush, the length and girth were extraordinary; and then there was the even larger cock head! Opening her legs Deanna gently pulled Tommy’s cock toward her glistening womanhood, his immense white cock obscured her pussy lips as it lay on her tightly curled and neatly trimmed bush.

Tommy pulled away slightly, he was nervous because sex without protection was risky for many reasons but Deanna, realising why, succinctly provided the reassurance he required. Deanna took hold of his sized penis again, no way could she allow this virgin take control of inserting that thing inside her. Gently she rubbed the head up against her pussy, their mutual dampness parting her lips with ease, his corona engaged, there was no sign of her pussy lips, just brutally stretched black skin. She quivered with excitement as the massive cockhead passed by her clitoris, she eased his penis back slightly to enjoy the sensation again then continued to coerce it into her vagina until the head was completely engulfed. Swapping hands she underwent but brushed aside a rush of guilt when catching sight of her ring on the hand now guiding the thick white shaft into her pussy, pausing with three inches still showing. Tommy was awestruck, his massive tool had, at long last, experienced the warmth and tightness of a woman’s pussy though at present it was still partial. Her impressive hips alluded to her probable capability, now there was no doubt, he knew she would take his entire manhood!

Deanna instructed him to move his hips slowly with short strokes going no deeper to give her pussy time to acquaint with the bulk of his cock. Tommy did as asked, revelling both with the sensations and visual image of her pussy tightly wrapped around his massive white cock. The colour contrast was amazingly sexy, his cock hardened further and Deanna winced, he apologised but she understood, she too was thoroughly emotional and her vagina was being far more accommodating to his extraordinary penis than she had anticipated. His strokes lengthened but remained slow, copious quantities of pussy juice seeped along his shaft helping to ease his massive cock inside her stopping once he was buried to the hilt! Jonny took in the stunning sight of her pussy straining to cope with his massive cock, she was gorgeous, he leaned forward and kissed her dark erect nipples, tipping Deanna over the edge. Deanna came like never before, swearing freely, rhetorically questioning how some cushy kisses had made her orgasm! She knew it was that massive white cock, the amazing schlong was doing things to her body that befell dreams! As she orgasmed her pussy gripped his cock even tighter, he knew he was about to spill his load and pulled out to spray a stupendous shower of over her boobs and into her hair. They both laughed as she was drenched again and again by his seed.

Deanna was enthralled, he may have come quickly but how often had she come, excluding the fakes she could count them on a finger. She had conquered the monster cock of the work experience and procured his virginity, she gazed in inconceivable astonishment and no longer felt guilty about being unfaithful because she had accomplished something amazing. He was now hers to fuck again before her husband returned and she knew there was more pleasures to come for both of them. Deanna cleansed his cock of seed with her lips before bending over to give him unfettered access to her gaping and freshly fucked pussy. Tommy slowly eased his cock back inside her and proceeded to fuck the black woman from behind as she had never experienced before, the screams were genuine, the pleas for him not to go so deep were fraught but her pussy simply kept on gushing! Tommy loved watching his massive white cock dilate those sexy black pussy lips as he held her huge and firm black butt tightly in his hands! His balls tightened again, he wanted to come inside her so much but knew he could not, moments later he was showering her back and butt and getting yet more semen in her hair, now she was looking like a true slut. Were they finished now? Tommy was beat but still erect, he laid down on the bed, Deanna however planned to fulfil her promise and lowered herself down onto his massive erection. Tommy was ecstatic as she proceeded to ride him hard and fast cowgirl style, her breasts swinging wildly and eyes filled with lust. Deanna did not hold back despite the tenderness that her pussy was suffering, joking that she was attempting the impossible; she had to break the tool before slut Linda had her turn!

With her mobile Deanna took photos of her riding him, his cock entering her, close ups of his cock buried deep and after he came again, spattered all over belly. She looked at the time; oh fuck hubby was due home in minutes! Then her mobile rang, the flight had been delayed, he had just landed and would be just over an hour, what a stroke of luck! So what did they do? Carried on fucking of course! Numerous positions including Deanna lying on the bed with Tommy holding her legs as he kneeled while fucking her deep! As he fucked she wanted him to erupt inside of her, she wanted to feel the force of the ejaculation deep inside her vagina, but sense took over, she resisted the urge to act upon her instinct to be impregnated by the huge cock. Once again Tommy withdrew and propelled yet more seed over her dark skin! There was now minutes before he was due home, Deanna looked at herself in the mirror and surveyed the state of the bedroom, what a slut she had been. Her pussy was grossly swollen and her hair full of congealed manjuice.

With her pussy throbbing and trouble walking Deanna literally threw Tommy from the front door, drew a bath, hurled the sheets into the washing machine, quickly tidied the bedroom and climbed into the bath just as Sydney returned home. Her pussy throbbed painfully as the water lapped up against it but she did not care, all she could think about was having that massive cock again and hoped that Sydney was not feeling horny tonight and, oh fuck and double fuck, that he did not pick up her mobile!

As Tommy made his way home he could not wait to tell his mates that he too had now lost his cherry. He knew how jealous they would be; the older woman, a black woman with a great body, slim, sophisticated, beautiful and way out of his league! At thirtynine she may have been twentythree years older than him but not once did she make him feel like a and neither was her sexual stamina in any doubt. What should he do next? Fuck Linda or fuck Deanna again???

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Wonderful story filled with anticipation and finally
satisfaction. Get ready to fuck Linda after Deanna shows
her the pictures and tells her about how your big cock filled
her pussy and made her cum. deanna will be coming back for

Quote | Vote

Thanks for the favourable comment, much appreciated.
Tommy did not seem to consider the option of both black women
in one sitting but I do know that Deanna is interested!

ilick_ucum 49 M
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Man hot fucking story! Where were all the hot black chicks
when I was growing up?

Trapper69 67 G
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I enjoyed a similar experience with a very sexy black lady who I worked with one summer. She was also older and married, yet she loved young cock, especially when it was big. During that summer of '74, we must have fucked at least 100 times. Luckily, she was on the pill, so I could fill her with my cum. When we fucked, it was always 4 or 5 times. Although I'm not 14" long, I am quite a bit above average, and very thick....a bit more than 6 1/2" around. I think we fucked in every position a man and woman can fuck in. She was 5' 4" and 110lbs, but she was able to take every inch of my cock. Her husband had to know we were fucking, he often ate her pussy right after we fucked, but he never said anything to her or to me.

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quote Trapper69:

I enjoyed a similar experience with a very sexy black lady who I worked with one summer. She was also older and married, yet she loved young cock, especially when it was big. During that summer of '74, we must have fucked at least 100 times. Luckily, she was on the pill, so I could fill her with my cum. When we fucked, it was always 4 or 5 times. Although I'm not 14" long, I am quite a bit above average, and very thick....a bit more than 6 1/2" around. I think we fucked in every position a man and woman can fuck in. She was 5' 4" and 110lbs, but she was able to take every inch of my cock. Her husband had to know we were fucking, he often ate her pussy right after we fucked, but he never said anything to her or to me.
Beats fiction! Caucasian teenage lad joy!

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veryyy sexy and hot how inviting