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Story-time: Nurse - Headman  

Vanreed21 58M
1 posts
2/4/2022 4:29 pm
Story-time: Nurse - Headman

I have had a few request to put down a fantasy-story:

It's late night, I'm in a hospital bed, medicated and dozing; the room is dark except for soft lights. The curtain swishes aside and the mature ample stoic nurse that checked on me early appears pulling the curtains back behind her. She raises my bed up in an incline slightly and checks her watch.

Her red-hair is different from earlier, it was down about her shoulders, now in a tight-bun; no makeup except her lips are glossy cherry red. She tells me softly she has to inspect that I have been properly sanitized and cleaned for the procedure in the morning. I'm to dazed to speak and nod. She quickly pulls up my gown, rubs her hands together and grabs my penis and lifts my balls with the other and massages as she palms them.

"This won't do...there is too much tension in your testicles." She says." you can't go in like this, we'll need to reduce the tension." I'm bewildered and beginning to get excited as she grips my cock and begins fisting me.

"You relax and I will help you release the tension in your balls." I can feel her fingers spreading about my nutsack and cupping them in her palm, squeezing gently.

"You must not masterbate to much or the tension would not be there." She says, looking down at my cock looming out of her pumping hand.

She looks at me , "I want you to know I'm only doing this for a medical necessity." I grin and like yeah. She quickly slips her mouth on my cock and sucks on the head hollowing her cheeks. I feel the intense suction of her mouth as she begins rapidly bobbing on my dick and moves her hand to my thigh spreading my leg. She sucks me rapidly, twisting her head about and pushes her face as far down as she could almost taking my dick all the way down her throat. That part amazes me the most!

She quickly pops her mouth off my spit-shined stiff dick, wipes her mouth with her hand and looks at her watch. She grips my dick and lowers her head halfway and looks at me with thos green lusty eyes. "I want you to relax and let the tension flow from your balls. Just let it go."

Her mouth is swiftly on my dick,. It's rapid fire bobbing, I can hear squishy sounds of spit running out of her mouth and down my cock into my balls and her fingers. It's almost like a blur as she twists her head I can see how she opens her mouth wide and takes my dick deep in her mouth, each time I feel my cock-head bumping the roof of her mouth and throat. It's an awesome feeling and I begin to moan.

"Umhuh." She moans back with encouragement for me to shoot my load in her mouth. She pushes my legs apart and sits partly on the bed as she doesn't lose a beat in her voracious sucking. I being to move my hips in anticipation of cumming.

"Uhuhhh." She encourages again. I gaze down at her and I catch her staring at me wide-eyed with that ready-when-you-are look with my dick disappearing and reappearing out of her mouth like a magic trick, an oral one. She tilts her wrist to look at her watch and takes my dick deep in long dive-bombing strokes. I can't last much longer and she knows it. I begin to groan and heave. It's game over and she knows it.

I heave up and her hand slips under my ass as she literally raise me up as she stuffs as much of my dick in her mouth. My cockhead rubs the throat and cum races up my balls as I begin emptying sperm in her mouth.

"Uhummphh!" With a satisfying moan I feel her mouth, tongue and neck all work together to swallow each belch of sperm I shoot in her mouth. She holds me firm with my dick in her mouth taking down all my cum. I feel her hands relax as she craddels my spit-soaked drained balls and finishes swabbing my cock. Suddenly, she pops my dick out of her mouth and pulls out a small hand towel and wipes her mouth and proceeds to clean me off.

"Well, the tension is gone and you should be good for tomorrow. We'll keep this between us, ok?" I nod back. She pulls my gown back down and wipes what's left of the lip gloss from her mouth. She undoes the bun on her hair, checks her uniform, smiles and walks out.

I'm like WTF just happened. I just got a blowjob from a night-shift nurse. I have to say she was right about the tension, I did feel much better and slept soundly until the next morning of my surgery.


BiSussi 63F
1405 posts
2/4/2022 7:19 pm

Why is it that mature people write so much better than the young guys???
One of the reason most of us women have more than one man in our life

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