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Learning Patience  

SweeetNSasssy22 54F
4 posts
2/4/2022 12:06 pm
Learning Patience

You asked why I had asked you to bring a black button up shirt with you. Without answering I took it from you and walked in shutting the door. As I walked out wearing nothing but the shirt and a pair of white/black thongs, I find you sitting..waiting...on the edge of the bed. I think " always so patient", "wish I had patience like that"

I stop in front of you, standing in between your legs without saying a word. You answer with a smile cause I just answered your question of why the shirt. Your hands rest on your legs, barely touching mine. I rest my hands on your shoulders, looking down. You know I want nothing more than a kiss, its been forever (well at least in my mind it has been). But you make me wait, damn theres that patience thing again.

You rest you hands on my hips ever so lightly, and i feel the slight pressure pressing me down. I sink to my knees, my hands leaving your shoulders and resting on your legs for balance. Still not one word has been spoken. You lean in giving me my first kiss of the night, a soft, light kiss telling me you are pleased. You gather my wrists in your hand and hold them there between us. I look up but say nothing. You reply "I know" "Don't move". You get up and leave the room. I remain kneeling, not moving.

I hear the door open and close, signaling your return. I haven't moved. You sit down in front of me again. You ask "want to see what i got?" I nod my head yes. You reply, "No, say it." (aaahh I think, gonna be one of those nights) I reply, "Yes, I want to see what you brought". I feel you move and look down again. In each hand is a silk tie, one black and one white. Oooohhhh I think, but never say it out loud.

You ask, "Do you have a preference which color goes where", I reply, "No, I do not", "I would like for you to choose" (Not exactly sure what I had just agreed to, but knowing the anticipation will far outweigh any fear I may have, not that there is any fear with you).

I feel the soft cloth touch my wrist and look to see you have decided on the black one for my wrists. You tie them tight enough that I have to keep them together but loose enough not to hurt me. I wonder what in the world you are up to but don't ask. You tell me to kneel in the middle of the bed. I wonder why and again think to myself "what have I gotten myself in to?"

I feel the bed move as you kneel behind me and u say, don't move. Then you ask me "baby, do you trust me?" I reply "yes" I feel the fabric of the other tie brush my shoulder and then I know what the second tie is for as all sight is blocked. I tensed and felt you stop. You ask again "do you trust me?" I reply "yes, completely" and exhale telling myself to relax, I'm safe.

I feel the tie as it is secured in place. I wonder how long I will last? Not being able to see or touch you will drive me insane. I can't help but smile. You whisper "my baby likes that I see"

I think "yes I like" but remain silent. I always hate it when I am unsure of myself, something, a situation, and this moment I am completely unsure of myself. I wonder what I look like kneeling on the bed, in your shirt with ties binding my wrists and covering my eyes. I wonder exactly what you are thinking. But then think, "pointless to even ask, he wont tell me." So I just wait, i would say patiently but we both know who has the most patience between us.

I feel 100% tested, wonder if it is some sort of test I am going through without knowing. I don't know I am biting my lip until I barely hear you say "what are you thinking?" "Nothing" I reply. Silence. You know better and I know you know.

I feel you get off the bed and instantly regret my answer but I refuse to say anything. The internal battle has begun and at the moment I am not sure what side will win. Defiance or submission. I wait. You say nothing, I have no idea where you are at in the room, or what you are doing. Watching me or did you leave? No I think, he wouldn't leave but he most likely would make me wait. I hate waiting. But I do (honestly, its not like i have much choice)

You say from across the room, "what are you thinking?" I reply honestly "I don't like being unsure of myself with you, drives me crazy. It doesn't bring out the best side of me." You answer, "what else". I ask, "are you testing me". You ask "do you think I am?" I answer "yes". One word from you, "No". Damn man and his few words but quickly let it go. I know what has given me away and I am determined to clear my mind and not think.

I feel the bed give as you either kneel or whatever. I can't see exactly but I can feel the bed dip. I feel your hand brush my neck. mmmmmmm, I feel a tug at the top of my shirt and then feel cold air on my skin. One button gives, then two. "that's better" you say. I smile. Yes I'm sure it is. You push the shirt open wider, sliding it off my shoulders, almost trapping my arms at my side with the shirt. Brings my mind back to another time when I had my shirt open for you and it falling off my shoulders. I remember I could feel my shirt on my back and remember looking down at you as you were sucking and licking my breast. I remember my senses were so alive at that point. I realize that memory has me smiling and getting wet. I waited for your question, but it didn't come.

You say, "I want you laying on your back." I'm sure you do. You take my hands and say "don't worry, I wont let you fall" I reply "you better not, sure would kill the mood!" I hear you laugh. I love the relaxed you. I don't get that side all that often. I lay down and then think "well what the heck". Ok so maybe letting you tie my wrists wasn't such a good idea. First I raise them over my head, don't like that so I lower them to my stomach but don't really like that either. I wiggle as I work the shirt to a somewhat comfortable position. I hear you chuckle "done yet" No, I say. You reply, "put them back over your head, I like that" So I do. Problem solved.

You kneel between my legs, placing one hand on my stomach and the other on my knee. Mmmmmmmm you say. It takes all my will power not to move. My current issue is, I cant decide exactly where I want your touch more. Then decide, above all else I want your kiss.

I feel your kiss lightly touch my stomach, then your tongue as it teases my navel. Mmmmmmmm ..... delightful. "What do you want, baby" - one word is all I have to give "You". "Where, baby" ahhh hell he's gonna make me talk .... "Everywhere" I reply "surprise me". I feel your hand as it slides down my leg, your hand slowly circles my ankle, you tug gently and reposition my leg to where it is stretched a little more out. I see you are beginning to like having this control.

You move, I feel either hand as you place them on either side of me, I then feel your weight on me, mmmmmmm, you kiss me. I think to myself, I don't know if there has ever been a kiss I love so much, crave so much as I do yours. I could never tire of<b> receiving </font></b>your kiss.

Im so focused on that kiss that it takes me a moment or two to realize that your hard cock is pressing against my stomach, mmmmmmm so thats what he was up to when he got up. Sneaky but I definitely am not complaining. Without thinking my hips rise to push in to you. I realize, I'm trapped, but not in a bad way I suppose. I cant use my hands (which I am finding is starting to frustrate me), I can't see and the weight of your body is pretty much keeping me pinned down. But I find that I'm not feeling the urgency to get free. mmmmmmmmm, I want free but not because I am feeling panic but because I can't stand not being able to touch you. To have my arms wrapped around your neck with my hand in your hair. (Oh I love the feel of your hair) I can picture it in my mind as I lay there. I feel your kiss move from my lips to just above my breast. Your tongue tracing circles on my skin. Oh my, that is starting to drive me crazy. I feel the tug of the shirt as you finally undo the remaining buttons and feel it fall open. "Better" I hear you say, I couldn't agree more as I feel you mouth on my breast. Sucking, licking. I can picture it in my mind. How many times have I looked down at you as you have done that very thing so many times before. Your hand holding my breast as you tease my nipple with your tongue. Mmmmmmm

You begin to work your way down, kissing and licking my skin as you go. I think, damn I have never thought I wanted someone as much as I do you at that very moment. You reach my bellybutton and tease it for a min or two. You stop just below it, I groan and u chuckle. I can't help it, I think why did you stop. But I remain silent. I feel you move, the cold air hits my skin as you sit up, or kneel or whatever cause I can't see exactly what you are doing. I feel your hand as u place it on my stomach and ur other one on my knee. Lower your hands baby, you say. I start to but not exactly sure what you want. Bring them down to your stomach you say. I do. You take my bound wrists with your hand and tug, I allow you to move them wherever you want. I then know what you want as my hand brushes your hard cock. I want to see my cock in between your hands, resting right there, don't move. I do as you ask and hold still. I feel the bed and you move slightly. Your hand leaves mine as you are doing something. I wonder what you have in mind. You say "remind me to show you the picture later". Aaaahhhh thats what your doing. I smile. Niceeeee, I think.

I slowly begin moving my hand on your cock. Slowly stroking you, feeling you as I go up and down. Slightly applying a little pressure here and there as I go. I feel you stop and not move. mmmmmmmm I hear you say. I want your attention back where I want, sure pics are nice but you touching me, kissing me, driving me crazy is what i want more than anything at the moment. So I continue, drawing you back to me. You know I like your touch, baby. I know and I am glad you still do I think. Oh how I would love to lower my mouth where my hand is at that very moment. I love sucking on you, licking you. Driving you just as crazy as you do me. You move again. dang it I think as you pull away from my hand. Really, ugh!

I rethink that as I feel your hand return to my stomach and feel your hair brush my leg. Ahhh hell I dont know if I can handle much more but you are determined to drive me absolutely crazy. I feel your tongue slightly touch my pussy, aahhh hell, yup hes gonna see just how far he can push. You begin to lick, teasing me with your tongue. But I feel more, I feel your breath on my skin, I can feel your hand on my stomach, the other one resting on the bed. I can feel everything 10x more. Maybe blindfolds are a great thing, lol. You continue licking, sucking...adding pressure here and there, pulling back to where I can just barely feel you. I arch my hips without realizing it. I don't hear the moan escape my mouth, but you do. Like that baby? you ask, Yes I reply softly. You want me to think too, like really. I can't think anymore. The feelings are taking over. Everything you do is heightened because I cant see, I can only feel. I feel like I can't get enough but your not done yet. I feel you slide a finger inside me. mmmmm, god that feels good, I think. I raise my hands back over my head reaching for something to grab ahold of. Damn that feels good, dont stop I think. I dont know if anything that has run through my head has also come out of my mouth. I begin to loose myself in all the feelings. Cum for me baby, I feel you say against my skin. I stop, "No" I reply. I catch you off guard. "Yes", you say. "No" I say again. What do you want, you ask. I reply, I want you inside me. I need you inside me. Please.

I feel you move, I feel your weight back on top of me. I feel your hard cock at my pussy. My hips move without me thinking. You start to enter, then stop. I groan. I feel you move again. Out, in, out, in....each time just a little farther. Oh hell I am going to die I think. This really is not the time for a lesson in patience I think to myself. Finally you give me what I want. When I feel you start to withdraw, my hips rise up to keep you buried deep inside of me. And then the dance begins. mmmm. god you feel good. I start to tug at the tie on my wrists. I want them free. I pull and tug but dang it, im not getting free. I must of started to become frantic or something in my movements, you stop and say, give them to me. I lower my hands and you free them, aaahhhh thats better. I slide my hands up your arms, stopping as I reach your shoulders. Kiss me, I say. Please, I say. You give me a kiss, my one hand instinctively works it way so I can feel your hair in between my fingers, my other hand dips to rest on your chest, my hips arch and we move as one. I feel the tingling start, I can feel every move, every touch. I dont know if I can hold out much longer. Cum for me baby, you say again. I let go, I dont stop the feeling as it spreads like wildfire. Don't stop I say. And in that very moment I know .................
mmmmmm fuck, I say. You win.


69ereatwetpussy 61M
6774 posts
2/5/2022 6:45 pm

slow and steady
when your ready
may it last as long
a as you want
yet you know you want
to let go and cummmm
as one together
no better feeling is it....
blindfolded or not
xoxoxoxxoxo Thomas

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