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The Stranger  

Sheephunter1929 59M
1 posts
12/16/2021 1:42 pm
The Stranger

I met her online, and we both were looking for something new, something that sparked our passion, invigorated our carnal instincts, unleashed our desires.
Our e-mails became more frequent, longer, and things were heating up between us, as we learned about each other's desires, kinks, preferences, the things we loved to do with our partners and the things we hoped to get from the other. She called me hunter, I called her game, to heighten the suspense, wonder and anticipation we went to great lengths to only reveal sexual details, nothing else. By the end of the first week she knew more about me than any other woman before her, and I, in return, had never seen this deep inside a woman's soul before, never known such details of her desires, turn ons, have learned about all of her erogenous zones, learned about the caresses that drove her wild, the tantalizing that made her cunt lips become fuller and her clitoris throb, all the touches that caused her to become wet. She could not wait, as she wrote, to peel that foreskin back as she never had been with a man that was uncut. I loved the fact that her pubes were black, nicely trimmed according to her, but still there, nevertheless, as I did prefer the somewhat look of "au naturel". She had described what it feels like to have her hood pulled back to expose her clit and how large and engorged it would get during play, and how she enjoyed having a finger working her g-spot while<b> receiving </font></b>oral. I lost my footing more than once while reading her sensual overture, it was as if I could not bear to wait any longer.
We would meet at the nearest Brown's Social House and she told me what she will wear so I can know immediately whom to hunt for. Likewise, I gave her my specifics, so she can recognize her predator. It was a busy night but having made a reservation guaranteed as a table, the hostess ushered me to our table where this Jane Doe was waiting for me. That would have been unnecessary as I spotted her right from the door, with her legs just slightly open, draped with a silky like bright red skirt. Fuck, that was just so impossible, this excitement, this much anticipation. "Well hello handsome" she said ever so quietly with this biggest smile while I was sitting down opposite from her, gazing into her, omg, so sultry eyes. She brought up her right hand and reached over to me as to greet me when I noticed that her middle finger was really wet. I grabbed her hand, pulled her hand and that finger to my nose to see if this was what I was thinking, then stuck it in my mouth sucking it for a split second. "Oh my" she giggled "that's quite a debut! You do have a nose for things, no pun intended" she laughed, "it is so nice when people notice things" she amusingly whispered, and I knew I was in for something. The waitress had to come three times to ask if we were ready to order, as we were ready for all kinds of things but dinner. And without a discussion Jane Doe commanded "a couple glasses of Cab-Merlot and a Focaccia Margherita to share", she said, "and, skip the oysters hon, we won't need them", she laughed. With that the waitress was gone and I thought, what the fuck , lol, and we continued with our innuendos. It got steamy hot on that table, her lips with that near black lipstick on that glass, was like foreplay, the way she opened her mouth to eat, that tongue licking that tomato and the basil, it could not have been any more sexual than what was happening here. Things from there went very quickly, as we both agreed that more privacy would be exactly the right thing, we paid up and left. I drove off with her behind me, flashing her high beams more often than a trucker tailgating while trying to pass. My house was only minutes away from there. Once inside I grabbed her by her butt and hiked up her skirt, squeezing her ass and breasts, those nipples, omg, while she tried to literally eat and devour my tongue. We were starving for each other and the first layer of clothes came off before we had gotten to my bedroom where we threw ourselves on my bed. So much hugging, kissing, touching, and grabbing. Two people in lust for each other, a crescendo to unfold following the longest of overtures. We must have kissed and touched for hours, and I loved those breasts, though I'm sure it were mere minutes, when I could not even wait one second more to dip my face into her wet sex. Slow, I thought, take it slow, drive her crazy, and I mean, drive her craaaaaazy, bonkers. I bent down and while she began to pull my cock and balls out of my briefs, I nudged my chin on her labia with panties still in place, so gently but steady. Her aroma began to become noticeable, sweet, a bit musky, oh, so horny with the faintest hint of urine, and while I kept nudging her mound I caressed the insides of her bare thighs. Her skin was soft, her muscles firm, as she began to slowly rock underneath me, pushing her pelvis up and towards my chin, while spreading her legs even more. I felt her touching my cock, caressing it, stroking in, playing with my testicles, when all of a sudden she began to pull my foreskin back. "You have a beautiful cock" she sighed. "Omg, is it ever handsome" and with that both her hands reached down, one pulling her panty to the side, and I thought I had gone to heaven, and with her index and middle finger of the other hand she parted her labial lips for me to see it all right in front of me. Died and gone to heaven, yeah, that's right, I thought. At the same time I could feel her lips and tongue on my cock. I was tempted to just start licking and tonguing that beautiful cunt, but had to draw it out longer. I started to breathe in her womanly aroma and looking at her wetness, which only drove me deeper into my usual crazy trance. My right index and middle fingers began to touch and explore her engorged labia, her lips, her clitoris, ever so lightly, ever so gently, like almost not at all, making her wonder if it was real, or only her imagination, teasing her more, almost tantalizing her. It was so hard to hold back and my hot breath hit that pussy like heat in a steam bath and she whimpered some more. I wanted to expose that perky clitoris and gently pulled back her hood. "Lick me for fucks sake" she begged "I want your tongue in my cunt, eat my pussy, suck my lips into your mouth, drink my wetness" she commanded and with that I began to eat that pussy like I had never eaten one before, licking, sucking, swallowing, it was unreal, it was crazy, it was beautiful. Her clit literally had begun to throb, her entire cunt spasmed, and she was so enormously wet. Mine was in her mouth, her workings told the entire story, I could see in my mind what she was doing exactly, her going up and down that shaft, licking that swollen head, her tongue hungry circling it, lightly squeezing my balls, and I hoped I would not cum right that moment, and prematurely, when she yelled, "let's fuck, fuck me, I want you inside me, do you want to fuck me? Say yes, tell me you want to fuck me!" And did I ever! Did we ever! And I told her, told her all the while I entered her how much I wanted to fuck her. We made love for what seemed a long time and I edged myself several times, when she began to climax, once, twice, three times, with her index finger on her clit, helping herself and me to bring herself to that state. "I am cuming too" I stammered. "Not in me, please, not inside me baby, cum on me, on me is better" she begged. I pulled out and came hard on her pussy and tummy. She then sucked me dry while I fingered her pussy to a fourth, fifth and sixth orgasm when we stopped counting. We laid there for hours, kissing touching, appreciating what just had happened. I would be dishonest if I said that my eyes did not glaze a bit over with tears of joy and appreciation. "It's ok, baby, I understand" she whispered, "I feel it too, it was wonderful". It truly was a near spiritual experience.
We got to know each other well, became friends, visited each other's homes many, many times. Then one day, she announced that she had been transferred to one of their offices in the states. We are still in contact, sometimes reliving these memories with the help of modern technology.

Use your imagination, figure it out!

No, she is not on, lol.

13128 posts
12/16/2021 3:08 pm

" No, she is not on, lol. "

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