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What to do???  

Shanny1972 51F
557 posts
1/21/2022 7:46 pm

Last Read:
2/19/2022 5:57 pm

What to do???

Who you rather eat my pussy or fuck her?

noonerfy 64M

3/25/2022 9:58 am

All of the above, please??

yourplaytoy2011 48M

2/21/2022 5:20 am

Eat for as long as you wanted

Wilso2327 42M

2/18/2022 7:14 pm

Eat for an hour at least

poloarmani69 64M
49692 posts
2/17/2022 7:11 am


Suckbuddy4u23 44M
17 posts
2/14/2022 7:58 am

For sure eat you

Solmich45 69M

2/12/2022 6:29 pm

Mind, foreplay and eat pussy then penetration...

Solmich45 69M

2/7/2022 6:17 pm

Foreplay first, work down to pussy then of course have inter and other course and more foreplay..

Dzatmat 44M/48F

2/6/2022 2:20 am

Fuck it

Floridagreglargo 61M

2/5/2022 4:31 pm

All of the above ! But since your 1500 miles away....i guess none of the above !😒

Jayinburlington 33M

2/5/2022 2:24 pm

great photos

OrangeBoner4Fun 63M

2/5/2022 10:25 am

Definitely eat your gorgeous Pussy. Love how smooth it is and best you taste as good as you look!

79dude 44M
81 posts
2/5/2022 4:08 am


FunNewGuy1000 63M
511 posts
2/4/2022 1:33 pm

Why be so sudden to make choices, when you can take your time and do all of that?

Dieselmoon 42M
36 posts
2/4/2022 12:13 pm

Why one of the other I was always told eat it before you beat it lick it before you Stick it nothing better than a p**** that's on the verge of climax from a good tongue-lashing as you slide your dick deep inside

newbe619 65M

2/3/2022 10:39 pm

rather eat your ass first,then it your pussie

Phuyuk1at 54M
1 post
2/3/2022 7:13 pm


BiSussi 63F
1405 posts
2/3/2022 3:39 pm

    Quoting i69withyou:
    I'd love to lay between your legs and eat your pussy until you couldn't cum anymore! Over and over again!!
Me too Me too
I would make you squirt multiple times with my magical tongue and fingers

OVER 30 YEARS of making love without condoms and not once ended up with an STD risk management and being selective, believing in LOVE and not >>! and licking cum or swallowing from every nice looking and sounding man does pay off

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

WolfRunsWild 54M

2/3/2022 2:41 pm

I much rather eat your beautiful pussy than fuck hers

WolfRunsWild 54M

2/3/2022 2:39 pm

Thats a silly question! Would I chose to eat your pussy or fuck her? I owuld choose to eat your pussy simply because your beautiful and rare.

WolfRunsWild 54M

2/3/2022 2:38 pm

OMG ....Beautiful pussy such as yours devers a licking everyday

Im4u2useme 70M

2/2/2022 10:59 am

Mmmmmmmm go down on all of all day

shogun_269u_II 61M
155 posts
2/2/2022 8:14 am

oh gawd baby I will eat your pussy all day every day! Would really luv to lick you clean after I or another guy fills you up!

beadsandbikes1 68M  
65 posts
2/2/2022 5:46 am

Personally (Male 1/2 here) I always want to start up the fun by eating the pussy then fuck...!

bdsmDOMdaddy 61M
212 posts
2/1/2022 6:27 pm

I’d rather eat & fuk all!

Mainer0308801 43M

2/1/2022 5:04 am

Nice pussy

Boitoibottom4U 70M

1/31/2022 6:40 am

I would prefer to eat your pussy clean and get YOUR cum all over MY face! After that….???

Tell me what you want, I’m pretty sure it’s what I want to give!!

browser2017 62M
118 posts
1/31/2022 4:36 am

eat the hairest!!!!!

Mainer0308801 43M

1/30/2022 10:00 pm


i69withyou 70M  
28 posts
1/30/2022 7:13 pm

I'd love to lay between your legs and eat your pussy until you couldn't cum anymore! Over and over again!!

ImInterested904 50M

1/30/2022 7:42 am

They all look so fuckable!

friendfuckcock67 62M

1/30/2022 2:16 am


BiSussi 63F
1405 posts
1/29/2022 6:20 pm

Delicious ?
I do the clean up if you do the work of >>! and ...\8
Would love it, as I like to make women squirt while I do the clean up

Do you have plans for August already?
We could meet on Krk, happy to pay the hotel bill for you, it is a short flight for you. What do you say, do we have a date? Would love it !!!
OVER 30 YEARS of making love without condoms and NOT ONCE ended up with an STD risk management and being selective, believing in LOVE and not >>! every nice looking and sounding man does pay off

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

VanillaGodzilla8 54M
24 posts
1/29/2022 4:16 pm

You have a beautiful pussy, I'd eat it till you couldn't take it anymore

BiSussi 63F
1405 posts
1/29/2022 4:08 pm

All three????
If you do the work, I shall do the clean up
Just don't use any condoms, if all the tests are in place OVER 30 YEARS of making love without condoms and NOT ONCE ended up with an STD risk management and being selective, believing in LOVE and not >>! every nice looking and sounding man does pay off

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

seastheday4u 67M/F
448 posts
1/29/2022 9:13 am

Would love to you look absolutely delicious lovely lady

sidewaze024 43M

1/29/2022 2:34 am

Id have to say id personally lick and fuck all 4 of them shit they all look pretty tasty to me!!!!!!

Texasbottom4u 61M
56 posts
1/29/2022 1:34 am

I really want all 4 of yall

JamesBondSmooth 41M
32 posts
1/28/2022 11:39 pm

Definitely all three, mmmmmmm tasty

kikmikejoneskcmo 34M

1/28/2022 3:55 pm


CCO54 57M
6 posts
1/28/2022 1:20 pm

I’d love to eat your pussy while I finger your ass!!

Eye69women 56M
16 posts
1/27/2022 10:46 pm

Gorgeous lady.

Eye69women 56M
16 posts
1/27/2022 10:43 pm

All, all night long. Lick and fuck and pie.

Opencouple4MFM 54M/52F

1/27/2022 9:48 pm

My husband will fuck you while I eat your pussy.

charrolastrofunM 65M

1/27/2022 6:44 pm

I fucked them. Would you like for me to tell you about it, while I lick your pussy and make you come?

strangelove2019 58M
18 posts
1/27/2022 4:03 pm

love to eat and fuck all !

NewOrleansDaddy4 49M

1/27/2022 2:19 pm

Would love to eat your pussy. All of the above would be lovely, too.

naughtyguy1950 74M
74 posts
1/27/2022 10:25 am

All three would be good.

camell6864 53M
1 post
1/27/2022 8:22 am

Wow very nice.

Real_male_67 57M

1/27/2022 5:51 am

any of the three.

Opencouple4MFM 54M/52F

1/26/2022 4:07 pm

My hubby and I love all 3!

Shanny1972 replies on 1/26/2022 9:02 pm:
You are very sexy.

Akmel2021 52M

1/26/2022 2:49 pm

I would love to eat and fuck all of them.

justlookin19997 49M
13 posts
1/26/2022 7:32 am

All three!!!

SincityRebel21 53M
1 post
1/26/2022 7:00 am

Why limit doing both will be pleasurable for both.

browser2017 62M
118 posts
1/26/2022 5:46 am

i would enjoy eating them all

camperdude_69 63M
4641 posts
1/26/2022 3:11 am

would eat and fuck all

friendfuckcock67 62M

1/26/2022 1:39 am


Ckingfun12 53M

1/26/2022 12:54 am

All of the above!!

Deagell 30M
2 posts
1/25/2022 8:49 pm

looks delicious..

apole4ahole 59M
82 posts
1/25/2022 3:52 pm

That's a no brainer for me, lick it then stick it.

Real_male67 57M

1/25/2022 7:30 am

I bet it tastes good.

MisterXTC1000 59M
367 posts
1/25/2022 7:01 am

I want to eat your pussy til you beg me to fuck you

mancave33 59M
30 posts
1/25/2022 6:55 am

i love eatting pussy ..cum in my face ..then i will fuck u so nice and deep

TnTvariety 59M
51 posts
1/24/2022 3:59 pm

I would love to eat your pussy until you beg me to fuck you.....

sexbrowser69966 61M
29 posts
1/24/2022 10:59 am

I'd start by helping you tickle your clit with your wand,,,then eat til you came,,then start all over again until you just wanted it balls deep,,I think a group of men would be your best n fucking at the same time til you were sated,,,if that's possible

Want2aplay2 45M

1/24/2022 10:29 am

I'm always down to eat pussy

Lickasauras69 68M  
29 posts
1/24/2022 6:49 am

Not one bad one there. Love to eat each of them.

nakulp1090 30M
1 post
1/23/2022 9:32 pm


tomcatz67 56M
31 posts
1/23/2022 8:41 pm


ThickKyDick1088 36M

1/23/2022 4:16 pm


69ereatwetpussy 61M
6774 posts
1/23/2022 12:08 pm

ild love to eat you
for after you cummm
i hope ou want me to
fuck you till we both
cummmmm as one.

Leegs2012 51M
96137 posts
1/23/2022 10:32 am

all, but if I have to choose, I would eat your sweet pussy!!

dvdhenson2 59M

1/23/2022 7:18 am

Eat your pussy

MrRareity 64M
4589 posts
1/23/2022 7:14 am

Need you ask? I would love to devour your succulent pussy!!

We have two lives, and the second begins when we realise we have only one - Confucious

d0gdaize 67M
375 posts
1/23/2022 6:48 am

for me i rather tongue tease your pussy till you begged to be fuked, then after fucking you , get my tongue back in your pussy

studbird2000 58M  
1150 posts
1/23/2022 5:23 am

eat your pussy till you cum and cum

dwz5234 71M  
2394 posts
1/23/2022 4:26 am

The Correct answer would be Both

Mariner030880 44M

1/23/2022 3:14 am


franken4 70M

1/23/2022 2:57 am

I want all three to suc n fuc all look absolutely beautiful

13731 posts
1/22/2022 10:39 pm

Sans être présomptueux, je prendrais les deux, manger en premier puis baiser!


wewantursquirt 59M/67F
64 posts
1/22/2022 5:52 pm

tag team you

iraduu 44M
3598 posts
1/22/2022 4:47 pm


NJGUY08090 57M
4306 posts
1/22/2022 3:48 pm

I want it all

lickeyzsplit 61M
1516 posts
1/22/2022 11:16 am

Mmmmm Would love to give you a nice long ride on my smile ! xoxo

Sensual_GentleM 58M
397 posts
1/22/2022 9:41 am

Since Cuba and Cum seem to be partially occupied, I think I should give them some additional licking attention, while Pandi appears to be ready and willing to be fucked. In any case, I will be more than happy to pleasure you in any way you desire.

sergiosor1 61M
6397 posts
1/22/2022 8:45 am

All of them

Wiley1013 56M
16 posts
1/22/2022 7:45 am

I really want to eat and fuck all 3

smallballs555 68M
141 posts
1/22/2022 7:35 am

all of the above

DesireU2020 58M  
90 posts
1/22/2022 7:29 am

I thinking spending enough time to do it all the best way for everyone. I get to taste the sweet juices and get you worked up and then fuck and CUM inside.
D -All the above!

6969NSAfun 61M

1/22/2022 7:23 am

I want to eat your pussy right now . Mmmmm

neednewfun50 67M
141 posts
1/22/2022 7:20 am

eat 1st then fuck gotta fill up with some good pussy juice

Eviloutlaw1 62M
5180 posts
1/22/2022 7:20 am

I have to agree with most of the others who have posted. Why can't it be both? Have a good one!

CleavageFan4U 67M
69374 posts
1/22/2022 6:01 am

I don't know why it has to be an either/or thing, can't I do both? And then later fuck you and eat her pussy?

Now is the Time to Get All Snuggly
My Balls, on HNW
I am Thinking Ahead and You Get the Benefit
[post 3312759] My Private Post - Tell Me ALL Your Secrets – Anything you write here is just between us

BiJack55 74M

1/22/2022 5:34 am

Actually, I would do both to you repeatedly.

mc_justmc 64M

1/22/2022 4:57 am

can't I have both?

profcoquin27bis 59M
4323 posts
1/22/2022 4:01 am

all option

RobK2006 56M
5998 posts
1/22/2022 3:32 am

Wish you were riding me right now with me balls deep in you.

peladodel56 67M
10340 posts
1/22/2022 2:16 am

Con el hambre que tengo, comería todo lo que encuentre disponible... ja, ja

Unzipmeslowly51x 54M

1/22/2022 2:10 am

What a gorgeous pussy you have😊damn you are a sexy woman x

tankauto 70M
394 posts
1/22/2022 1:46 am

dies ist doch geil

The_guy38 41M
39 posts
1/21/2022 8:58 pm

would love to lick that sweet pussy

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