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Opinions please  

Shanny1972 51F
557 posts
12/2/2021 10:21 pm

Last Read:
1/10/2022 7:53 pm

Opinions please

What is your views on incest?

ricksteringj 55M

1/31/2022 5:48 am

As long as it's consensual, go for it. I always wished I had a sister growing up. Closest I ever came was with a cousin.

Jdr_78 46M
75 posts
1/26/2022 2:58 am

well if the chance came to years ago and i had a hot mom or sister its only sex it could make you a better lover from learning from someone you know for the first time thats the part you and i dont know inless we have tried it

Farbutton 43M  
1 post
1/17/2022 10:47 pm

The thought has always turned me on. I experienced my first arousal when my cousin tied me up for a game of good-guys/bad-guys.

WolfRunsWild 54M

1/1/2022 6:21 pm

Ok settle down folks.... Incest is older and more prevelent than you think. According to Dartmouth College PH-D thesis , one out of seven families in north , central and sout America experience some form of incest. But its ot brother fucking sister or dad fucking daughter...its usually a naughty auntie getting some dick from a horny nephew, or a hot horny granny getting some good pounding from a grandson...... cousiins fucking cousins is rampant..... and lets not forget step daughter fucking her step brother..... or even step son fucking his step mom....nothing wrong with a good fuck is what I say.....I fucked the shit out of my naughty aunty who seduced me while taking her bubble bath every friday...she had big beautiful tits and shaved her pussy...she asked me if I could help her soap her back.... well I could not help but notice her big tits.... and her bald pussy.... fuck yeah she was a great fuck! . Mmmmm

Freefallend 72M
29 posts
12/18/2021 8:03 pm

One of the major reasons for the taboo is so younger children will not be abused while growing up. It's not for me, or for that matter most people, but if it only involves adults, it's their business.

forgotforgetting 57M
8134 posts
12/14/2021 7:27 am

This is taboo. That is, it is looked down upon for social and religious reasons. There are phsyological reasons but those only play out in pregnancies. Arguably, so long as it is between consenting adults, it is matter between them.

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― Oscar Wilde

Sensual_GentleM 58M
397 posts
12/14/2021 6:26 am

Now that you have some other blogger's opinions on the subject, it would be nice to know your own point of view ...

CoochieLicker89 60M  
25 posts
12/4/2021 7:39 pm


positively4you 74F  
4605 posts
12/3/2021 7:06 pm


kzoopair 73M/71F
25831 posts
12/3/2021 10:59 am

Such a simple straightforward question and yet it's a minefield to navigate. Science today recognizes that there's little chance of birth defect in unions between close family members. Instead, it's a cumulative thing that only poses problems when repeated over the years. Yet the taboo remains strong, so strong that such unions are not only prohibited by law but is attended by deep revulsion in the general public. At the same time incest is thoroughly explored in online erotica and pornography. It's far and away the most popular topic on Literotica, a fact that shocked me when I first learned of it.

I'm personally repulsed by the notion of incest and yet I've read erotic stories that have made the act not only erotic but genuinely loving and incredibly arousing.

I think that today you won the internet's most provocative post with this simple question!

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Leegs2012 51M
96137 posts
12/3/2021 9:10 am

No way, Not for me.

Brownie202 67F  
2680 posts
12/3/2021 8:11 am

I think it is sick.

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

profcoquin27bis 59M
4323 posts
12/3/2021 7:54 am

interresting fantasy

ltrskr 76M

12/3/2021 7:49 am

Incest only works if u keep it in the family......

lickeyzsplit 61M
1516 posts
12/3/2021 7:44 am

Nope ! Not even up for debate on this one !! Total Taboo and a NO GO Zone !! There are Millions of other people to Hook up with !!

Weeload2 61M
1104 posts
12/3/2021 6:58 am

It's a long fly ball over the fence.. Oh no, but it's foul. << pretty much my thoughts on topic.


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CleavageFan4U 67M
69374 posts
12/3/2021 6:36 am

I'm not opposed to role-playing mother-son, father-daughter, or brother-sister, but to actually do it is unconceivable to me.

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EroticSexter999 63M

12/3/2021 6:36 am

I don't think it is a good think Now that our genetic material is so diluted. Many cultures have no problem with it at all. Our puritan culture prohibits many sexual acts that are accepted otherwise. My daughter hates me because I was never close to her when many fathers at the time were being accused of sexual assault.

Happy Trails

mc_justmc 64M

12/3/2021 6:32 am

Nope, I don't even like to share dirty jokes with my kids.

classicalrebel4 68M
1755 posts
12/3/2021 6:24 am

If it is between consenting adults then I imagine that it can make for a complicated relationship, then there is the question on how break ups would be handled. Familiarity can breed contempt. But since the only people that I have known who have been in that kind of a relationship were non consenting minor daughters my knee jerk reaction would to be creeped out.

Please don't let me be misunderstood.

hr1966 63M
200 posts
12/3/2021 6:06 am

a dangerous way of having fun if it goes too far & you happen to get the girl pregnant
keep it or throw it out with the bath water so to speak?
what if you bring another child into the world with huge disabilities, who is to look after the child
just something to think about

leefury7 73M

12/3/2021 5:36 am

Ruinous. Need I say more? Short sighted. A tale of despair. A depravity that will forever haunt you.

Buttmuncher2021 65M
38 posts
12/3/2021 4:05 am

i guess i wouldnt have a problem with it as long as consenting and descreet with protection

guy03234a 55M
242 posts
12/3/2021 3:10 am

Immediate family; that just doesn't seem right. Cousins maybe not as awkward. Having said that, I've never found myself in that position. I have been with my ex-wife's cousin... and mother/adult-daughter pairs. As long as everyone is consenting and having fun, let's play!

Lkn4funwith2 58M
1216 posts
12/3/2021 2:39 am

Just do it if both parties completely agree, but just do not tell anyone for obvious reasons.

Unzipmeslowly51 54M

12/3/2021 1:39 am

Its not for me at all

Sensual_GentleM 58M
397 posts
12/3/2021 12:24 am

I have no issues with an incestuous relationship, as long as both parties are in agreement that they will use protection at all times. If the two are attracted to each other and want to have sex, why not.

Shauwnl81 42M
4 posts
12/3/2021 12:19 am

I’ve had many fantasies of fucking my mom. All my mates for school wanted to fuck her

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