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What floats your boat?  

NoTell101 62M
17 posts
1/20/2022 8:34 am
What floats your boat?

I look back at what my sexual proclivities consist of and it gives me insight as to some of the reasons I cheat. My first affair with my wife's best friend Patti that started decades ago. She was an alpha female and my wife was always her wingman. She was never ashamed about her sexuality and always bold enough to tell you what and how she wanted her sex. She was the aggressor in our affair, but I was very willing as she read me like a book and fed the beast within me.

When I think about what turns me on about the illicit sex, I need only think back to the one that started it all, Patti. She reached into my dark soul and freed my beast. From her first kiss to our many years of on and off fucking, she found my secret turn ons and employed them to ensure my sexual submission. I loved the fact that she was totally uninhibited when discussing sex, something my very Catholic wife never does. Maybe it's the guilt in her upbringing, I'm not sure. Patti would always engage me in sexual conversation, she probed me to my deepest darkest depths. She'd use knowledge she gained from girl talk with my wife to her advantage. When she discovered I had difficulty finishing in my lover's mouth, she made it a point to let me know she was unmatched (she was!) and she used it on me whenever the situation called for it.

Whenever we had a short time to be intimate, she always sucked my cock to completion. Only one other woman in my life could do so without fail. She always fucked me raw, never a condom. She always would whisper in my ear about how she wanted my naked cock inside her. When the time was right and even sometimes when it wasn't, she'd always, always beg me to finish inside her. I think that's why I love it so much, hearing Patti beg loudly or whisper it in my ear, those words, "Cum in me, cum inside me, give it to me, I need your cum", she used them on me all the time. She knew I was a slave to her sexuality when she used them. For the other times when she was too fertile, she'd finish me with her mouth, her secret weapon. She'd never allow me to cum anywhere but her pussy or her mouth. It has shaped me for life.

With other women, I always want to cum inside them, especially now since I had my vasectomy. In my past, I have had women ask me to pull out and I have obliged to shoot my unusually large loads on their beautiful bodies or sometimes their faces. I'm not really a fan of cumming on a woman's face, I feel it is degrading and I only do it if they beg for it or tell me it's a huge turn on for them. Personally, cumming inside the warmth of a woman's womb is the most intimate act I can think of, only followed by her willing mouth. I have had almost no experience with anal sex. I have tried many times unsuccessfully as the very few women who have offered have not been able to accommodate me. My preference has always been pussy, so fucking sweet., too sweet to go anywhere else.

One of my other favorites is dirty talk, I fucking love it. Patti also started me on that path as well. She'd whisper dirty things in my ear to turn me on when no one was looking, she'd look up at me while sucking my cock and say dirty things about what she wanted, how hard she was going to make me cum. And the coup de gras, when she knew I couldn't hold out, she'd beg or demand that I cum inside her. She knew I couldn't say no to her when she did that. It's funny, with other women I can hold off, refusing to give it to them or stave off their orgasm by stopping until they can't take it any more, then we'd power through a mutual orgasm (THE BEST!!). I have met many women who love to talk dirty, although I am a bit turned off by women who scream, it doesn't seem natural. I'd much rather have a woman make natural moans, cries or those incredible guttural noises than have a woman shrieking constantly start to finish.

I'm usually pretty responsive to my lover's wants as I am a born pleaser. I always look for queues when warming her up. How does she react to my touch, my kiss? How does she respond when it is firm or soft? What are her sounds when I explore her erogenous zones. When I am going down on her, what makes her back arch and her body twist? What makes her hips pump to meet my mouth? When does she cry out when my fingertip hits her g-spot? Women are complex, no one thing works for all of them. Being an intuitive lover is what I live for. Nothing gets me turned on as much as knowing that she is turned on. Making her cum is the penultimate success of lovemaking for me. I would rather make her cum screaming my name that have my own orgasm. Although, if I am successful doing my part the other part usually cums naturally.

The one thing aside from our mutual thunderous orgasms that I absolutely crave, is that time immediately following us cumming so hard the earth shakes. The lightheaded feeling falling into her embrace, holding her close and feeling her naked warmth tight against me. I absolutely live for that feeling. So comfortable and soothing, that time where we are so open and vulnerable with each other. Falling asleep in each other's arms is the ultimate act of trust. So trusting are we of each other that we can be completely vulnerable and defenseless.

All of these things make up my psyche, all trending back to one person who started it all for me. Thank you Patti.

LadiesR2B1rst 60M  
2735 posts
1/20/2022 4:28 pm

Well written. Thanks for sharing.

BiSussi 63F
1405 posts
1/20/2022 6:13 pm

Are you looking for another Patti?
Did she also show her love to your wife?
It sounds like she was a good teacher and you are a good student

I do enjoy good students
after it has been filled up at least once

My latest crash Moerd1992 , but he has not returned my phone call yet and now I wonder, does he have the Wuhan flue or did he mistype his phone# ? Something tells me Moerd1992 and I would be a perfect match Falling in love and practicing Making Babies until sunrise
Oh yes, when you have found love you don’t go back to SEX. All I can think about isMaking Babies when I am in loveOVER 30 YEARS of making love without condoms and not once ended up with an STD risk management & being selective, believing in LOVE & not >>! every nice looking and good sounding man does pay off

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

NoTell101 replies on 1/21/2022 4:56 am:
I don't have to find another Patti as she will always be in my life as well as my wife's life. She is a free spirit who drifts in and out and does exactly what she wants. She is now single again after her last divorce, which left her very wealthy. She definitely showed me the dark side of my personality, I guess in that respect she was more Darth Vader than Obi Wan and taught me who I really am.

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