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A re-union at the reunion  

NoTell101 62M
17 posts
1/17/2022 8:07 am
A re-union at the reunion

About ten years ago my high school had a multi-year reunion. As part of the weekend, there was a pre-reunion get together at of our favorite bar from back in the day. It was a warm summer evening and the bar has a large outdoor patio. The scene was vibrant when I got there and there were about a hundred or so of my classmates milling around. After my obligatory tour filled with hugs and chatting, I settled into a table with friends and began the stroll down memory lane. I was so excited to be among my high school classmates, some I hadn't seen in 35 years.
While I was engrossed in the stories of how every was doing over the , I didn't notice my high shool girlfriend come up behind me. She put her hands on my shoulders and gave a squeeze, "Hello Handsome!" she greeted me. I popped up and took her into a nice long embrace. We hadn't seen each other excerpt for Facebook for at least twenty years. She looked fantastic, taught body tanned and toned. We struck up our conversation at a separate table. Within minutes we were laughing and remembering all the fun we'd had. Soon the conversation turned to all the times we went parking, how hot the sex was and why we went separate ways. Our eye contact went from glances to knowing gazes, sly smiles and occasional touching. Karen was always the good girl on the outside, cheerleader, top student and in every club, I was the quintessential HS jock.

We weren't always angels, both Karen & I had a penchant for taking a few tokes together. After a few cocktails, Karen asked if I wanted to go get high, I laughed and gestured with an arm twisted behind my back. We slithered away from the party so as not to arouse suspicion and went to the parking lot. Karen had driven up in her family truckster Suburban. We hopped in and proceeded to fire up. The conversation went back to parking and sex again. All this talk and the pot was getting me extremely horny, I was getting hard thinking about it all. Karen took a hit and motioned for me to take a shotgun hit. I leaned in as she pursed her lips and blew the smoke into my mouth. She didn't withdraw and stayed close as I exhaled. As soon as I was done, she leaned in and kissed me. I didn't resist, I welcomed her soft warm lips. I reached around her head and pulled her in for a deeper, longer kiss. Our tongues met and twirled as our lips parted and invited each other in. Soon I felt Karen's hand on my thigh roaming towards the bulge in my pants. As soon as she found it she broke from our embrace and gave a little chuckle. "I see you're feeling the same way I am" she said as she grabbed my free hand and slid it under her dress I was greeted by a warm wet oasis and a tiny little thong that was easily brushed aside.

We climbed over seat into the back. The open expanse of the back and the tinted windows offered us perfect cover among the patrons coming and going. It was a race to get naked as we pulled at each other's clothes. Once I got her naked, I marveled at her petite frame with beautiful big tits and nice round ass. I kissed my way between her legs and began teasing her. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into her. "Don't fucking tease me, I fucking need it" she moaned out as I obliged her and split the soaked folds of her pussy with my stiffened tongue. I began flicking her clit and driving my tongue inside her. Soon my fingers were probing her depths in rhythm with my tongue. Her back arched as she pumped her hips into my face, "fuck me, fuck my pussy with that mouth Jim" she implored as she tightened her grip on my hair. She was soaking wet and began to throb as she started to quiver, " Oooooooh Jim, I'm gonna cum, don't stop!" she implored. Her head thrashed from side to side as she released all over my wanton mouth. She shook uncontrollably as she leg locked my head and twisted. Her throbbing pussy squeezed my fingers hard as her juices flowed freely over my hand and face. She cried out loudly, I'm surprised no one heard her. The windows were totally steamed up now as sweat poured from both of us.

We coasted to a stop and basked for a minute, glistening from sweat, panting and trying to recover. She rolled me onto my back and started to stroke me. I was so hard and ready. She stroked slowly, but firmly as she rubbed her pussy to lube up her hand. She looked deep into my eyes and asked if I ever thought about her while I was jerking off. I readily admitted that I did. "Look at that, look at your big beautiful hard cock" she said as she squeezed hard and jerked me. It felt so good, all I could do was groan affirmatively. "It's mine tonight, all mine" she said as she slid down and took my throbbing purple head in her mouth. The sensation of her warm mouth taking me in was almost too much as my hips bucked and I grunted as she swallowed more of me. "God, I've been dreaming of fucking you for so long" she said in a breathy voice as she took me down her throat again. She stroked and sucked me to the bring and gave me a firm squeeze to avert my orgasm. "No, no, no Mr. Jim, not in my mouth, that's not were you're gonna cum" she chided me. With that, she threw her leg over me to straddle me cowgirl. She guided me inside her sweet, wet pussy with hand as she steadied herself with the other on my chest.
The incredible feeling of her velvety tight wet pussy gripping me was incredible. We both groaned and moaned as she slid up and down my throbbing manhood. Her huge boobs bounced and swayed as she began to pound herself onto me. After a couple minutes she began grinding me hard as her hips moved back and forth so fast. I could feel the car shaking as she approached her next orgasm, "Oh, Jim, Oh, Jim" she cried as she stiffened up and shuddered on top of me. She turned her head and bit her own shoulder as she ground out a powerful orgasm. I felt her juices running all over my taught cum filled balls.

This time I offered her no respite as I rolled her onto her back and pulled her legs over my shoulders. The squishing sound of her soaked pussy was music to my ears as I thrust into her balls deep. She gasped and dug her fingernails into my back as I began to pound into her. I felt rock hard, sexually invincible, as I drove deep into her over and over. "You like that, you like my big fucking hard cock?" I asked. She moaned in approval as she fucked me back hard. I pulled out and gave her only the head of my cock, slow shallow strokes. "Please Jim, please don't tease me" she begged. Then I thrust deep into her again faster and hard this time. "Damn it, your cock feels so good, you're gonna make me cum again" he gasped. "Cum with me" she implored. I was so turned on, there was no stopping. Slap, slap, slap my hips pounded her ass. The truck was bouncing because I was fucking her so hard. It must have looked comical from the outside. "God yes Jim, I'm cumming again, cum with me, cum inside me" she implored. My hips were pumping into her out of control as the first gushes of my white hot lust shot into her. I groaned out, "Yes Karen, I'm cumming....aaaahhhh fuck I'm cumming, Oh Karen, YESSSSSSS" she wrapped her legs around me as I pumped my seed deep inside her. It felt like an eternity as we both came incredibly hard. I collapsed on top of her as our slick sweaty bodies melted together in our post orgasmic embrace. I stayed hard inside her for what seemed like an eternity. Every time we twitched, she shuddered and I gave another little spurt of my cum. I rolled off of her so we could cool down. We immediately started laughing and fell back into an embrace. It felt so natural to be back in her arms.

After about half an hour of cool down, we decided to rejoin the party. Wrinkled, disheveled and badly re-groomed, and still a little high, we rejoined the party and mingled separately. After about 10 minutes I gravitated back to Karen and noticed a dark spot on her violet suede flats. I gestured down at them with my drink and she grabbed me by the arm and gave me a look. She said in a hushed tone, "Oh my God, it's your cum!" with that she scampered off to the ladies room to further clean up. I guess it went a little deeper than I originally thought. The next night we were joined by our spouses and we had a long evening of knowing glances and sly smiles. I can hardly wait until the next reunion!

13128 posts
1/17/2022 8:29 am

OK !

SilverFoxMark66 69M
286 posts
1/17/2022 10:04 am

Very erotic & hot, 'tho shouldn't this be in Erotic Stories instead? Just saying!

BiSussi 63F
1405 posts
1/17/2022 10:58 am

You are such a lucky man
When I went to my reunion, it was boring, the guys were all way older looking than I expected and the two girls I knew well, all gained a few pounds.

While I received many offers, I don't think many guys would have been as \8 as they were decades ago. I wasn't able to reunite with one or the other. There was no desire on my part, were no feelings left.

I for sure would have loved to have an experience you had

Oh yes, when you have found love you don’t go back to SEX. All I can think about isMaking Babies when I am in loveOVER 30 YEARS of making love without condoms and not once ended up with an STD risk management & being selective, believing in LOVE & not >>! every nice looking and good sounding man does pay off
If you love me and I love you, I shall any time, even at sunrise and yes, after it has been filled up at least once

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

NoTell101 replies on 1/18/2022 6:02 am:
Sometimes life takes you to that collision of passion, sometimes it doesn't. I am lucky to have experienced it then. We still get together every Mother's Day when she makes the trip up north. Time I will always be thankful for.

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