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Melbourne Sensual Thoughts
My thoughts, striving to be sensual, and my life seeking to be loving.
A love life pragmatic, and erotic, and humourous.
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Top of the Post
Posted:Jan 6, 2021 8:15 pm
Last Updated:Aug 23, 2021 4:36 pm

If you like the posts, please click on the "Watch This Blog" link in top right hand corner. I shall be updating regularly - if not daily (the more watchers, the more incentive in my tiny narcissistic lizard brain to post more).

If you like something, please leave a comment. If you have an idea, or reflection, on your own loving of life, feel free to include that in your comment. If you have a suggestion to prompt my Muse, please make it.

And yeah I am all for obvious titles on posts, as above - though poetic licence will be taken, when the title refers to what occurs in the post, or to a poetic, or explicit erotic, interpretation of the post.

So, yes, I will try and stay the right side of explicitness in the erotic writings here - but you some people kinky is using a feather to others the whole your mileage may vary.

With Passion: Enjoy. Share. Live. Love.
Rising Anew Entwined
Posted:Feb 24, 2022 11:49 pm
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2022 11:51 pm

Rising Anew Entwined
In sated repose sprawled
recovering from latest bout of loving
almost half sleep when lips meet your lips
a peck a light kiss perhaps a question
and lips in meeting lightly acknowledge
the slight cling of heat and skin
of the presence of breath
and a second begun
slightly hungrier than the other one
no question this more conversation
and lips meet and enquire and share
ruminate on desire and spark passion
and a hint of tongue tip before kiss end
a conversation still open to more
and this third kiss eager alights
as lips meet they move and seek
this is discovery and exploration
this is pursing lips and blowing on the embers
and the embers catch and passion flares
tongue meets tongue in sweet exchange
the pulse of conversation has changed
both find eagerness and desire more
a quickening in heart beat to this rhythm
of kisses sucking sensually upon other lips
as tongue escapes and sketches skin
the wildfire bursts free and anew twisting heat within
an ardour strong shakes body and consciousness
remembrance of joy and ecstasy recently shared
there is no definable fourth or fifth or sixth kiss
for all is kissing merging in a molten flow
that tugs at mind and thoughts as you entwine
as the heat leaps and furnace of lust so fashioned
explodes and drowns us in such sensual heat
causes pulse to splutter and kisses to rip
across body sensually lifted by invitation accepted
as from sated repose we now turn
instead move to loving delightful energy burn
as we rise motivated anew to journey entwined
down kisses pathway simple to feelings divine.

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Catch Your Breath
Posted:Feb 23, 2022 3:59 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2022 5:03 pm

Catch Your Breath
Catch your breath and hold it in
and this kissing rampant does begin
demanding tongue is your own
and lips sucked upon
a wrestle joyous in our mouths
such pleasure brought by this intimacy
and tugging buttons free lace bra exposed
lift an orb delight to my lips
and through lace fine kiss nipple
catch your breath and hold it in
as upon warm lips to nipple body swing
a surge of heat and a moan
as kissing eager does address
and unclipping release bra's stress
falls away and exposed breast for play
hand reaching and fingers caressing
rolling nipple twixt thumb and fingertips
and teeth edging over sensitive taut nipple
aroused in lust your body arches
as feel button and zip of jeans undone
a stroking hand across underwear below
sensing the heat and moisture rising beneath
catch your breath and hold it in
as to those caresses your body responds
so much touches intimate and rolling
leave you breathless as surges of sensation
make your head spin and your body carve
more touches and deeper and just there
as fingertip shucks out clit from groove
teasing lightly over and your kiss intensifies
a rush of heat and taste of desire
the air heavy with scent of your arousal
catch your breath and hold it in
as hardness between thighs slip
into this wet waiting wanting core
nectar coated as thrust deep inside
hips in triumphant pleasure collide
the ecstasy infecting blood stream
every atom of your being reveling in
every sensual touch and caress
the fervour of kisses
the drawing out and in
the attention to all parts of body
with lips and tongue and hands and body all
we set our rhythm joyously and urgently
setting aside the foreplay previous
both can sight end of this chase
catch your breath and hold it in
sensation deep rising within
shakes your body thoughts and bones
muscles spasm and hips shake
all your body in orgasm-quake
this is the big one on the Richter scale
pulls you apart as body lift and quivers
sends fire through your core
steals words from thoughts and mouth
reduce all to this point in moment of life
splashing searing molten white sensation
an indelible memory in mind made
of pleasure and joy and bodily rapture
you are carried up and left hanging
tethered by pleasure to some other heaven
as for a moment see carnality of spirit
escape the bonds of Time and awareness
before returning still quivering and vibrant to
catch your breath and hold it in.
Cunnilingus, Going Down
Posted:Feb 22, 2022 9:53 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2022 2:57 am

Cunnilingus, Going Down

Listen and do, and prolong or change, and swirl and suck, and lick or lap, or tease and clamp between firm lips, or drink and consume, or caress or flicker with tongue, stroke with curling nimble strong fingers, allow of tongue to lift and slide and graze across and taste and push and spin and moisten and slurp....

....all the time listening and doing, and moving in rhythm, and lightly capturing in place, until the exhaustion of ecstasy, of rapture, overcomes them...., if in this loving, they immense stamina, you must bring a great awareness, and a deep broad delving flicking teasing cunning clever sensual imagination. And Listen, and Do.

The Better US.
Posted:Feb 22, 2022 4:38 pm
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2022 4:48 pm

The Better Us
We dream we wake
and in the hours between we make
our loving resilient and rapturous
a concert of sensation and emotion
overturning thought and moderation
destroying civility of house and bed
as each looms largest in the other's head
kisses which leave searing brand of love
caresses falling showers from below beside above
across all of body through spirals golden of soul
not just a part of loving we live and love the whole
crash and rise as waves upon a storm tossed sea
all we were has become we are just you and me
the scorching illumination of loving desire as lust burn
as all we can hope is to love and be loved in return
entwining and merging and melded in joy loving true
discovering the better me and the better you.

1 comment
Tremors Ripple
Posted:Feb 20, 2022 2:51 pm
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2022 8:59 pm

Tremors Ripple
These tremors ripple through you
as you squirm in your seat
whispered words in your ears
adding to the heat
The epicentre fluid and hot
a transformation of your self
exploring all things you thought not
allowing carnal pleasure to overcome your reason
Shivers running and down your spine
legs twitching at circling caresses
sense orgasm not far down the line
as every part of you switched on
Your bare skin sensitive to the very air
roll your hips towards stroking hand
you are a naked flame laid bare
as savour this intimacy of desire
Crush a kiss onto those lips
to quell the shout within
as of fingers inside slips
as touch on bud ignites this roar
Orgasm breaks the final anchors
you a balloon tossed adrift and soaring
in a storm of pleasure sensation tossed
caught in a voyage of discovery of yourself.

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Supplies for a Lustful/Loving Weekend?
Posted:Feb 17, 2022 7:09 pm
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2022 5:15 am

Supplies for a Lustful/Loving Weekend

The big weekend has finally arrived, that person you know, been talking too, flirting constantly with, spending amorous moments in long deep sensual demanding kisses, has been distracting the living hell out of your life and work with anticipation of bare skin and caresses and to drive each other orgasmically wild.....finally a weekend away together, or together in your apartment, house, or room.
Everyone else, anyone else, in these living quarters, has been banished, or gone away, and now this space is yours, and soon that other person will arrive.

What are you going to get in, to make things run smoothly,....what preparations might you make?

Remembering you the entire weekend, so are likely be occasions when you might need pause for such inconsequential things as food, drink, and sleep.

So while meeting them at the front door, and as soon as the door closes, dropping the ground and seeing can get the worse carpet burn might be tempting, perhaps a moment of restraint - or at least...should that be one of your preparations,.....placing a medium sized fluffy washable natural fibre rug just inside the door, lessen the likelihood of carpet burn and be a more comfortable than the carpet or bare wooden boards?

so in order make the weekend run smoothly....

......bottles of water by the bed, in relatively easy reach.
......some sweet light snacks in the bedroom provide sustenance.
......some bottles/tubes of favourite, preferred lubricants.
......packs of condoms stashed throughout the premises.
...... oils, and a place where you can perform said .
......establish a nest in the living room, in front of the tv screen, where you can watch a favourite movie or series, while recovering some strength, chatting, before being distracted and missing the rest due attentive kisses and caresses.
......a good selection of various restaurants or cafes which deliver good food promptly.
......some good music, playlists, CDs, set up and ready , or ready swap in and out set the variety of the moods over the weekend (even whale calls if would assist with some rejuvenating sleep!).
......some fresh fruit, and chocolate.
......some good alcoholic cider, bottle of wine, champagne, vodka, tequila (setting up lemons and salt) or the mixers for a known favourite cocktail or two.
.....a clean bathroom, and large fluffy towels.....

What preparations might you make? What would you suggest or recommend? What would be mandatory, and what is optional?

Please comment below.

Let's see what the best preparations for a weekend might be, to make that amorous odyssey the best it can be!
Tempest and Storm
Posted:Feb 17, 2022 5:58 am
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2022 5:59 am

Tempest and Storm
Tempest and storm
you come without warning
a shuddering smash
as everything crashes
breath been stolen
twisted body is molten
turning to sweat
so soon after we met
always knowing
this way we'd be going
to lose myself in
your shrieking orgasmic grin
how you stutter and stop
as thoughts go pop
overcome by aroused sensation
this sensual revelation
no end of days here
just lust fueled by beer
as from those sloppy kisses shared
then behind grandstand dared
to alchemy desire into lust
not a maybe always a must
until this moment we reach
your sweet juice like a peach
licking and devouring
remove all the covering
of who we might be
of who might see
passion overtaken
all inhibition breaking
together we are
the tempest and storm.
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Watch Your Lips
Posted:Feb 15, 2022 10:43 pm
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2022 10:45 pm

Watch Your Lips
When you say hello watch your lips
The beauty of there as from lips each word slips
Sitting at our favorite table to the side
Together close we slide
A warm hand on thigh sliding over denim
A little more time this will be almost heaven
As draw a zip downward and open
As watching how the wait staff are coping
Our conversation is not our focus
Fingers on the prime arousing locus
Lightly stroking over your underwear
Upon the slight bump there
Blindly slipping in and stroking
As you taking a sip of coffee almost choking
The gathered erotic heat is pulsing now
As teasing nimble fingertips lightly plow
You squirm seeking relief
But this sustained teasing is not brief
Stretching a coffee over an hour
As in your thoughts passion flowers
Sharing kisses no longer secret
No longer anything discrete
As nipples taut press on shirt
Red faced as in conversation flirt
Promises of what will happen later
And the loss if this teasing should falter
Raising tip of fingers to taste your ambrosia
To the essence in my mouth I give praise
Tangy and exotic spices after taste
I murmur "none shall I waste..."
Then we must go you say
And on your knees you will pray
At the fount of my delight
For rest of day and all through night
And I watch your lips as you bid goodbye
To those who must stay while we fly.

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To Your Bed
Posted:Feb 15, 2022 5:02 pm
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2022 2:45 am

To Your Bed
The Sun has fallen and night is here
As I reach over and brush back your hair
Undo your blouse buttons by
And how your smile has shone
At watching my smile and how my eyes stray
Onto your bare skin and barely there lingerie
Slip a warm hand within your top
And for a moment your breathing top
Spark in your eyes blossoms to fire
As arousing loving and eager desire
Lean in and kiss deeply
As fingers stroke nipple rising steeply
Another intake of your warm breath
As hand caressing cups full breast
Pushing bra of silk and linen aside
As closer into this embrace we slide
Heat warming from one to the other
Every touch and kiss followed by another
And lips stray down neck and along pulse
Hands pulling my t-shirt away on impulse
As both of us beginning to get more naked
This thoughtful loving for which all day we waited
As rolling your top from your shoulders
And sucking kisses to your breasts as you smolder
One hand run down a leg and under your skirt short
In sensation of fingers swirling over sensitive thigh caught
And of fingers your humid heated mound brush
Our embrace tighter still as against me your body crush
Under edge of lingerie fingers explore
Listening dew from rich heated core
Nails rake down my back and feel a pulse
As in unexpected orgasm you convulse
And you hold me tight for a long moment
Till into my ear in breathy whispers you comment
"That was nice to enjoy and now entire night ahead"
And smiling stood and confidently naked took me to your bed.

Dancing Slowly
Posted:Feb 14, 2022 3:06 pm
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2022 1:21 am

Dancing Slowly

"...the slow dance, the night ends, and the one in your arms, who has charmed you this first time or charmed you again, and as dancing slowly, you stoop and lips meet, and all of the living, and all of the joy, summed up in kiss's sweet heat..."

Let me dance with you slowly
as the music plays soft and lowly
let me dance with you slowly at the end of the night
let me dance slowly embracing you tight
let me dance with you slowly as the dance floor empties
let me dance slowly as they are stacking the chairs
let me dance with you slowly with sensual attention
let me dance slowly as caress bare skin and perfection.

Let us dance slowly as dawn is pasteling the sky
let us dance slowly with a murmur and sigh
our limbs may grow weary and our minds feel tired
yet energy flowing the exhilaration of knowing
we are dancing so slowly with heartbeats aligned
we dancing slowly in moments beyond Time
and stooping we kiss and embrace tight anew
and nothing more beautiful than you do I view
in all of the dancing with all of the partners
this moment is ours as slowly turn round
this moment is ours as float across ground
this moment this dancing so slow and so true
this moment this dancing this future with you.

Break The Bed this day!!! (a Valentine's Day manifesto)
Posted:Feb 13, 2022 7:48 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2022 5:37 am

Break the Bed this day!!!
I will not give you comfort of words on this day
For with rocks they did St Valentine slay
Proving words is thing action more lasting
So no purchased words of love will I be posting
Instead let us meet with fever in our souls
And thoughts as to other more carnal goals
Shall join with you in every room in the house
In passion discard your lingerie and blouse
to me your sweetness to sup
As your coral nippled breasts I warmly cup
Upon edge of bed eager perch and smiling ready
Spread loving legs and grasp bed with hands to steady
As after enticing sensual foreplay of an hour or so
Now this desire transmuted to passionate lust let flow
Within molten core of your desire I shall thrust
As of any indifference and plainness we rip off crust
This day let us primal be of sweat juices and cum raw
Day end leave us with bodies stretched and muscles sore
The ardour of these eager kisses into memory fix
For this is more than conformist blooms on sticks
This is loving spirit extended and shared with another
In this loving fierce we renew the "why" for life we bother
Every rising quiver and quake of passion find
As we against each other in joyous lust grind
We will seek to be sated tired and weary
But those who see us will know we loved complete and dearly
Hair mussed and lipstick smeared and clothes back to front
And for your expensive underwear we eventually gave the hunt
(later above the bed in lightshade the lingerie discovered
hurled there as we in eagerness each other uncovered)
I will not give you nature despoiled and empty words today
Instead let us wildly tryst and in riotous loving this bed slay
Let them have chocolates fattening and dying roses red
I will have our dry cracked kissed lips and our broken bed.

Sensual Rejoicing
Posted:Feb 13, 2022 7:42 am
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2022 7:46 am

Sensual Rejoicing
Lift away the lingerie from your shoulders
Slip it slowly over curves of your body
As descends my lips pursue and warmly kiss
Each area of bare skin revealed
And hands stroke and explore
As your teeth nip at my throat and ear
Pull you closer ever more near
As lingerie a forgotten cocoon upon the ground
How beautiful you look before me
And I chase the lines of shade and light
Move from left full breast to the right
Tasting heat of nipple taut
As between strong lips and on tongue tip caught
Sucking in with sensual eagerness
Hear the groan from you as fires lit within
Hand rolls over small of back to buttocks proud
And against me more forceful move
Your own hand reaching down to surround
The growing hardness in my reaction to our situation
As I drag a fingernail across aroused nipple tip
And you catch a cry and on my body tightness grip
Leaning back you invite me further into embrace
This is the start of seduction and we can forget the chase
As lips fresh over velvet thigh open and close
Sucking into deeply sensually the pure skin
Before lapping rising upward over clit pursue
Crush clit beneath hard tongue's relentless path
Tapping tapping tappin and your hips move in rhythmic response
You are savouring each touch stroke lick and suck
Eyes closing as you allow yourself to drift off
Until the pleasure grows too strong
Until the pleasure sought overfills and peaks
And grasp shoulders wide in hands tight
As in your soul you feel expansion of light
As if a lightning bolt had struck beside you
Electrified the racing heart of you
Gasping as your body buckles and you collapse
Into arms you collapse as tremors spread
As you find deepest solace in the little death
The ecstasy which rolls through uncontrolled
Shaken you seek new breath and time
As fingers stroking seek new rhythm deep
You are an instrument to be played
The pleasure to be recalled in dreams asleep
As across the filament of Time and Space sensation leap
And in sensual rejoicing this truth you meet.

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