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Is this cheating?  

Jenniffer1869 55F
23 posts
1/30/2022 11:33 am
Is this cheating?

Let me start off, I have a boyfriend
although he’s in prison for a year or two. I smoke weed so I started going to the guy my boyfriend goes to which is one of his best friends. One thing led to another
and now I’m having the best sex of my
entire life and I know its just “sex”, but I need to figure out how to stop it because
I’m sure I’ll go back with my boyfriend
When he gets home. Any advice???

CleavageFan4U 67M
69374 posts
1/30/2022 1:46 pm

Yeah, fucking one of the BF's buddies creates quite a problem. Maybe having three-ways with them both when your BF gets out would make it acceptable to him.

For several years I was seeing a much younger black lady (with YUMMY curves). Her BF was in prison too, and have given her permission to find a fuck-body, but specifically told her "no one I know, or would ever likely encounter". She put an ad on CL (this was back when it still had personals) and decided an old white dude like me surely fit his requirements.

We got to be pretty good friends over the 2 years he was in prison and she even appeared on the blogs with me in several "Half Nekkid Wednesday" shots.
Sometimes Little Things Are Enough
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69ereatwetpussy 61M
6774 posts
1/30/2022 3:28 pm

To late honey
You did the deed
Your new lover not going to give your hot ass up.
The jail bird boy friend unless he into sharing my mind up back in jail for along time. You or the best friend may be on the run or worse. Your old enough to fig7 thus out good luck.
I was facing a girl back in high school that boy friend was in jail she didn't want his fr to know. It didn't last long for us but j didn't want any trouble so I moved on.

Feening2Fuck 49M

1/30/2022 3:29 pm

Doesn't sound like you really wanna stop. This usually whats happens when a man goes to prison and leaves a beautiful woman at home. If you really wanna stop you just gonna have to stop . It would have been easier if you were not having sex with his friend.

69ereatwetpussy 61M
6774 posts
1/30/2022 3:31 pm

Any time you like to chat dirty to me just start I'll tag team you back. See who cummmmmmmmm first xoxoxox Thomas

benard69 66M/66F

1/30/2022 3:36 pm

Yep...Uh Huh...

BiSussi 63F
1405 posts
1/30/2022 4:36 pm

    Quoting Feening2Fuck:
    Doesn't sound like you really wanna stop. This usually whats happens when a man goes to prison and leaves a beautiful woman at home. If you really wanna stop you just gonna have to stop . It would have been easier if you were not having sex with his friend.
First, find a new dealer!!!!!
Secondly, it is not cheating, he left you alone, 2 weeks is a long time, but 2 years is unacceptable, every woman needs and deserves LOVE
He did the crime not YOU

Oh yes, when I find love, all I can think about is Making Babies and not SEX How about you?
OVER 30 YEARS of making love without condoms and not once ended up with an STD risk management and being selective, believing in LOVE and not >>! every nice looking and sounding man does pay off

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

positively4you 74F  
4605 posts
1/30/2022 4:57 pm

Reverse this. How would you feel if you were inside and him outside, diddling your best friend? You know the answer with the moral high ground.
If you dont have permission, its cheating.
I know if I were inside, I would wonder what or who he is doing outside.

flannel_light 61F
4586 posts
1/30/2022 5:51 pm

It's never a good idea to do your bf best friend or any friend. Yes it's cheating. In the end, it all comes out and then you got more trouble on your hads.

The Light is shinning and she is lonely and waiting in the darkness.

nightrider0691 54M
8 posts
1/30/2022 6:21 pm


84 posts
1/30/2022 6:32 pm

I'm a firm believer in being honest. Tell your boyfriend what - and who - you are doing. Tell your boyfriend how you feel about him, and how you feel about the dealer.

You don't mention how the dealer feels about you?

The best-case scenario is your boyfriend says fuck whomever you wish until he gets out.

And yeah, it's cheating, but I believe you already know that.

Sensual_GentleM 58M
397 posts
1/30/2022 7:10 pm

Of course it is cheating under generally accepted rules. But then, who can blame a human being with sexual needs if your partner is unavailable for an extended period of time. From my perspective, enjoy!

G000dbuddy 36M
1676 posts
1/30/2022 8:04 pm


SuprBad2021 46M
19 posts
1/30/2022 9:58 pm

Do what feels right.

nsnguystill 72M
428 posts
1/31/2022 3:27 am

borrowed from your profile " Hello everyone!! I’m Jenni I’m a single, sexy, lonely and bored mature woman hungry for a naughty guy for some excitement"
so why stop, only to hunt for a new pussy stuffer?
as for the "is this cheating" question. cheating is doing something you pray your SO would never find out about.
bonne vie

there is a world of difference between insane and stupid

WyoCowboy7751 71M
2537 posts
1/31/2022 5:24 am

To some as it has been stated it would be Cheating ; to others it might be considered that you have a Friend With Benefits or a Fuck-Buddy 🤔🤠

RideMeSlowly470 54M
125 posts
1/31/2022 8:17 am

Without judgment, here is how I see it...

Is it cheating? If you don't have permission from your boyfriend.
Yes of course it's cheating. lol You know the answer to that question.

As far as stopping...You may love the excitement of it the situation, you may love how wrong it is or the bad boy side of his friend fucking you secretly.
I have been in your situation a few times and straight's hot and exciting!!! Why wouldn't you enjoy the sex??

It's better than sitting around for 2 years waiting for an idiot bf who landed himself in prison...
Am I wrong??

spunkycumfun 63M/69F
41171 posts
2/3/2022 6:01 am

It all depends how serious you are about your boyfriend. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. But only you can decide. Good luck with making the decision.

RideMeSlowly470 54M
125 posts
2/3/2022 8:28 am

In all honesty, I would have a hard time stopping. There is something about the excitement of the secret you two have, rendezvous as I am sure your bf has friends in the area where you live where you could get caught with his friend.

I have my share of secrets and trysts and full disclosure, it can be a rush!!!

You asked, What to do when he gets out?
You will have justified what you are doing and I doubt you will want to stop. A girl needs her options, right?

WolfRunsWild 54M

2/3/2022 1:22 pm

I dont think its cheating. Heck, your a hot woman and prbably very sexual in nature.He knows this and probably wants you to quell your urge. What is a good fuck amongst friends? Besides , I like to share and I would not want to deprive you of a good fuck.
Perhaps when he gets out you guys can get together and talki it over, maybe a threesum is in play.Some guys are just too possesive and jealous. I love to fuck . pure and simple.
Have a great day !

WolfRunsWild 54M

2/3/2022 1:43 pm

You deserve a good fuck and your boyfriend should understand that being deprived of sex is just frustrating. If I was in jail and my girlfriend needed a good pounding I'd be ok with that, But then I am not jealous or possesive and I love to fuck! As a matter of fact I really enjoy the free spirited nature of the swinging world. I was introduced to the wife sharing lifestyle a few years ago by a professor and his wife I met. He was much older than her and had some performance problems. So one day after a nice BBQ we were sitting aroudn and one thing led to anaother and he asked me to fuck his wife . We had a great time and it lasted for 4 years until they moved to Florida. Whats a good fuck amongst freinds!

Mickstrike 64M

2/11/2022 6:19 am

If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. It’s sex and you need sex to keep your mental and physical well being.

spacetrucking4u 52M
2 posts
3/7/2022 6:06 am

Jenn, Brake it off before your guy gets out. You never know what might happen just to be safe.

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