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Amberhard 45F
145 posts
12/8/2021 3:23 am

Where is best to cum?

Amberhard 45F
3 posts
12/8/2021 3:24 am

Interested in opinions

remittman10122 54M

12/8/2021 4:46 am

Definitely in the pussy. Because then one can enjoy the creampie

curiousstranger6 39M

12/8/2021 4:51 am

It is very satisfying to pull out of the pussy and finish with the money shot in the mouth. However, it takes some timing! lol

jc_powerman 63M  
254 posts
12/8/2021 4:55 am

Where I shoot my load on her body is up to the lady whom I am playing with or with her husband whom may be taking pics of the play session 😏

profcoquin27bis 59M
4323 posts
12/8/2021 5:17 am

depend the time

Brownie202 67F  
2680 posts
12/8/2021 5:48 am

Since I got into kink without intercourse my face or mouth.

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

niceguy54656 62M  
54 posts
12/8/2021 5:48 am

Where ever She Or He wants me too

Be Happy And Keep your Ladies Happier

midhard1 67M
325 posts
12/8/2021 6:18 am

Wherever she wants me to.

Comments on my blog "midhard1" or on my erotic stories welcomed.

forgotforgetting 57M
8134 posts
12/8/2021 6:48 am

There a bad place to cum?

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

SilverFoxMark66 69M
286 posts
12/8/2021 8:44 am

Pussy always 1st preference 'tho a good cock sucker is always welcome, big warm horny hugs mark x

Unzipmeslowly51x 54M

12/8/2021 9:02 am

Its a hard one....pussy id say but love a good long bj too😊

Jonsjs44 52M

12/8/2021 9:59 am


boobwhisperer69 61M  
8322 posts
12/8/2021 10:12 am

Where ever my partner desires it!!!!!!

EyKickbwcphx4nsa 47M

12/8/2021 11:15 am

Best feeling is inside the pussy while she's cumming at same time

Clowt 53M
161 posts
12/8/2021 11:27 am

To be honest, it's wherever the lady wants it!
I love the sensation and taboo of cumming in her ass
I love how I feel her throb and quiver as I come inside her pussy
I love to see her covered in my thick sticky load
I love the sensuality and eroticism of cumming in her mouth

Wherever she wants it...I love to cum for her

FunLuvinLayD 58F  
17 posts
12/8/2021 11:53 am

So Damn True... Not On This Damn Good Cocking Sucking Bitches Face... DISREPECTFUL, unless you are a Lady who doesnt like suckin/swallowing.... then go for it if its going to plz your MAN . post 4428615

funsnellvillecpl 66M/54F  
3901 posts
12/8/2021 12:27 pm

1st would be pussy , then ass , followed by mouth

dwz5234 71M  
2394 posts
12/8/2021 1:14 pm

Wherever My Partner would Like me too ,Although I'm a Assman myself

Dieselmoon 42M
36 posts
12/8/2021 1:37 pm

All the above are great and I think each encounter it varies depending on her needs and my needs and wants

lilabner007 69M
32 posts
12/8/2021 1:57 pm

tits actually, but since that wasn't an option, I went with pussy. Nice and warm and tight and wet....

kinkyfun464 59M

12/8/2021 6:22 pm

dripping cum from her chin onto her tits is hot

Readywhenur69969 73M

12/8/2021 8:46 pm

Don't et me wrong, I love head.To me there is nothing better than coming doggie style into a nice tight warm pussy!!

I was in the group now I can't acess it!

Texasbottom4u 61M
56 posts
12/9/2021 12:01 am

It's a toss up!! I love to swallow his seed, but I also want my ass-pussy filled with cum too

afatcockcumzalot 60M

12/9/2021 2:11 am

I voted for the mouth, but ass and pussy are damn near just as good.

exsquid46 64M
640 posts
12/9/2021 2:46 am

Ms. Amberhard,

Where ever my partner wants it.

tastemeY 57M  
148 posts
12/9/2021 2:52 am

In my mouth

LovesOral69101 60M

12/9/2021 5:53 am

I like giving to her in her pussy. I like receiving in my mouth

xxx14760man 48M
46 posts
12/9/2021 8:37 am

i have always enjoyed pulling out and cumming on face.... but all 4 options are all great and i will never complain about any of them. LOL

MisterXTC1000 59M
367 posts
12/9/2021 1:04 pm

Mouth for me!!! Their is nothing that says I lust you than a woman swallowing a huge load!!

DIKurazz 45M

12/9/2021 2:53 pm

I love to cum inside the pussy but there is nothing sexy to me to see you are swallowing all my cum inside your mouth and hold your head tight to see you are digesting my cum down your throat and please don’t you dare wasting a single drop

seoulswing2 40M/30F
169 posts
12/9/2021 3:48 pm

All of the above, wife always likes it in her mouth, pussy and ass and in a gangbang she likes it all over her body, too

extra1980 61M
301 posts
12/9/2021 5:27 pm

Where would you like ?

BiSussi 63F
1405 posts
12/9/2021 6:09 pm

    Quoting  :

Oh yes, this is what I desire as well
This is what God made us for and I don't understand men
who want to deliver their gift in the face or rear.

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

pytimesx 64M
988 posts
12/9/2021 11:20 pm

    Quoting  :

the quick answer: a better climax
within the limitations of "potentially better"...

Not all women understand the fundamentals of the blowjob and ejaculation or embrace his physical reactions to enhance their own pleasures {they're interrelated}. Some women can match the sensations of a blowjob with their pussy but so few are actually skilled in the art [and] its a bit more difficult with the distractions of a sensitive pussy.

harryfun4u 62M
111 posts
12/10/2021 5:03 am


PantyCurious865 49T
318 posts
12/10/2021 8:00 am

All great but pussy is the best.

27egareht 51M

12/10/2021 8:41 am

Cumming anywhere on a person's body is hot!!
Pussy (in or on), mouth, face...havent experience in an ass yet. But i have cum on a guy's ass

horney4everNFL 64M

12/10/2021 9:06 am

I like to cum in my lady's mouth first time because it's usually a big load. Second round love to cum in her pussy so I can lick up our juices.

Imapig54 70M

12/10/2021 9:22 am

I love it deep in my ass and fill my mouth

xDude456 62M
31391 posts
12/10/2021 10:26 am

Honestly whereever she wants it

APTman 48M
59 posts
12/10/2021 11:40 am

wherever target practice is needed!

Bella121970 53F

12/10/2021 12:51 pm

Pussy and ass

fuelhopper 58M

12/10/2021 3:02 pm

well if it from head titswould be 1st but not choice

Attentive14Funx 50M

12/10/2021 9:16 pm

They have to be good enough to make me cum by head first. I've been with a few that talked a good game. Only been with one that actually could but if I had to pick it would all depend on that moment.

trlywickedcpl 71M/72F  
10 posts
12/11/2021 6:28 am

You need to add. All of above.

TnTvariety 59M
51 posts
12/11/2021 8:51 am

After a long hard session with her coming a few time, I like to lay back and finish in her mouth....

hosting2daynaked 44M
1 post
12/11/2021 11:08 am

id like to lick it in your ass

Ray94134 67M
31 posts
12/11/2021 1:39 pm

Hmmm, the mouth.

Want2aplay2 45M

12/12/2021 2:23 am

I enjoy cumming where ever you like it most!!

poik408 36T
1 post
12/12/2021 4:34 am

throat or pussy (mouth is not throat)

bime4you 68M  
57 posts
12/12/2021 8:04 am

I like cum in either end and with women any hole will do.

BanDilzerian 29M

12/12/2021 10:47 am

Face and mouth all the time

moha440 53M
273 posts
12/12/2021 5:58 pm

😍😍😍😍 😘😘 The best is I love to visit it all

Feening2Fuck 49M

12/13/2021 1:25 am

It would depend on what position. If she on her knees using her hungry mouth then her mouth,face or tits but If she is ass up then in her pussy or all over her ass.

Jugueton533 32M
14 posts
12/13/2021 10:14 am

La boca

jeepsR4fun 57M
106 posts
12/13/2021 1:15 pm


missmarvel69 51T
60 posts
12/13/2021 9:17 pm

Having that yumyum in my mouth was so yumyummy

guy03234a 55M
242 posts
12/14/2021 3:36 am

All in how the ladies like it... I love pulling out, then spurting, and letting her milk it all out on her cleavage, running down to her belly. Hot steamy shower afterwards!

lov2suk1969 54M

12/14/2021 3:44 am

well depending on where your cock is at the time just let it unload enjoy it

Otto1177 43M

12/14/2021 8:32 am

I like it when girls clean off my cum off their face, put it all in their mouth then play with it in their mouth.

missmarvel69 51T
60 posts
12/14/2021 12:24 pm

I Nothing better than when he unloads in my mouth. So sexy.

FunNsuch4her 38M  
1 post
12/14/2021 7:34 pm

The pussy is best I think

Jake1ma69 41M
22 posts
12/15/2021 2:42 am

All of the above!

Mainer030880 42M

12/15/2021 4:28 am


shogun_269u_II 61M
155 posts
12/15/2021 5:52 am

Really situational! If with a willing lady would luv to cum in her pussy so I can lick her clean after!
If with a cum filled gentleman want him cumming down my throat and in my mouth!

lfefsex 66M
77 posts
12/15/2021 9:47 am

I love when my boyfriend cums all over my face.

Chuckidol57 67M

12/15/2021 1:36 pm

Love the look in a woman’s eye when they feel your cock cumming and pulsing cum into them

noonerfy 64M

12/15/2021 1:56 pm

I really love to give a good, hot facial....mmmm

Illbcnu6996 35M

12/15/2021 7:14 pm

definitely up the ass

Tepemachine 62M

12/16/2021 9:02 am

I'd say pussy with mouth a close second but I love. When she g RG ipd my penitentiary ssd with he RG pussy muscles.

Dogsbestfriend33 54M

12/16/2021 9:39 am

when given BJ in the mouth, When having intercourse the pussy.

Gemhunter4127 65M  
5 posts
12/16/2021 5:48 pm

That is a hard one I cum anywhere my partner like it

Slim55545 48M
4 posts
12/17/2021 5:51 am

Its like this. Where ever you would like it. I prefer not to have a choice. When your fucking and its is good and uncontrollable. It doesn't matter because it's good and that is all that matters.

Mrise23 41M

12/17/2021 11:29 pm


Want2LicUGood69 53M

12/18/2021 6:26 am

Always incredible feeling it in her mouth as she sucks it down, but just as incredible of a feeling shooting it in her ass!

DesireU2020 58M  
90 posts
12/18/2021 6:52 am

No bad place to Cum, her preference is always good. But I love the feeling of a nice warm pussy around me as I explode inside.

1ForFun66 58M
4 posts
12/18/2021 8:43 am

E) all of the above

Midnite528 51M
241 posts
12/19/2021 3:59 am

pity can only vote once because i love all 3 places

naughtyguy1950 74M
74 posts
12/19/2021 11:47 am

I love a woman that will suck me dry after having great sex together. Give me head until I'm dead.

5 posts
12/19/2021 3:26 pm

Am game to release in all places,but where do you desire it gorgeous

plsrhound69 59M
4 posts
12/20/2021 4:23 pm

For me, something about feeling the explosion as you thrust deep inside just feels so incredible.
BJ's are great, but I tend not to cum as intensely as I do when I'm inside her.
And when I'm about ready, last thing I want to do is pull out to cum on her face or body, ruins the rhythm and pleasure for me.

missmarvel69 51T
60 posts
12/20/2021 8:00 pm

Always feels great in the mouth. He never complains.

Tall522418 72M

12/21/2021 5:12 am

Where ever my Mistress tells me I am allowed cum!

110voltman 68M
15 posts
12/21/2021 2:39 pm

    Quoting  :

The visual if you are face fucking. There is something sexy about watching the reaction if you cum deep or shallow just past her lips.

Deszos1 64M
16 posts
12/21/2021 3:17 pm

Too hard to call. I love it on my breasts where I can play with it and massage it over me before I eat every drop from my body and fingers. Inside my mancunt, WOW feels great to feel a warm load shoot inside me. Hmm, down my throat is wonderful, gives me a warm feelng inside. So, . . .hmm can't decide.

willbthick4u 62M

12/23/2021 12:01 am

Has to be deep inside your partner, gazing into her eyes and finish with a gentle bite on her bottom lip....

kneelb4meu 63M

12/23/2021 5:21 am

ass makes cock swell up even harder

Jake1ma69 41M
22 posts
12/23/2021 9:51 am

All of the above r good choices

oink15 66M
25 posts
12/23/2021 2:18 pm

no pregnant lol

LUDD457 52M
10 posts
12/24/2021 8:36 am

always pussy....

sweet30508 52M/47F

12/24/2021 9:37 pm

When my wife blows me and sucks every once of cum in me makes my knees weak. the pussy is nice but this mouth of hers is top knotch..

Coolbreezeswm 57M
44 posts
12/24/2021 10:34 pm

I prefer to cum in her pussy then eat her out while she is having an explosive squirt

justme51 72M

12/25/2021 3:11 am

My first pick is pussy followed by mouth

aaronsforeplay62 62M  
85 posts
12/25/2021 8:12 am

It really depends on where she wants it doesn't it?

Thick1201102 60M
8 posts
12/26/2021 7:37 am

In HER pussy... in HIS mouth!

PinayBabe69 33F
3 posts
12/26/2021 12:06 pm

I crave big, thick cock, with multiple loads of delicious cum in my mouth!

Opencouple4MFM 54M/52F

12/26/2021 7:41 pm

On my wife's tits! Her face work too!

AMfun4meandu 71M
518 posts
12/27/2021 6:07 am

In the pussy, espcially if it is any thing like yors. But I do like a nice load in my mouth every now and then.

Deepnwide76 47M

12/27/2021 10:56 am

I like it in my ass if it's a Huge load I want to feel it oozing out I get it from there other wise mouth face paint me w it but either way it's going in me

Ray94134 67M
31 posts
12/27/2021 12:18 pm

Always love the mouth.

thick1201120 60M
10 posts
12/27/2021 1:33 pm

I love to cum in Her pussy.... and in HIS mouth!

breali69 53M
1 post
12/27/2021 7:00 pm

Always blew my best loads in their mouth..

PupsnPeaches2005 62M/54F

12/28/2021 6:11 am

Sounds like a question regarding men who can only cum once.

First time, often it will be on her nipples or belly. Second in the pussy. Third is a little toucher, so probably in her hand or on her thigh. Most likely need a break after three, cum back to it in a half hour or so, but we have gone seven in one session during a threesome. Other person left but we were still going. That was in his mouth first, then again in his mouth, me lying back this time, and it came out his nose. He came on her belly. Then I came on her nipples. He left, and it was mostly in pussy after that.

Deszos1 64M
16 posts
12/30/2021 8:08 pm

so hard, no pun intended, to choose. i love pleasing a man so much that wherever he finally delivers is up to him and my reward. i picked face because at least there i can savor his goo on my lips, massage it over my breasts, then devour every drop down my throat

Deszos1 64M
16 posts
12/30/2021 8:10 pm

dream on, babe

Cuddlybustylady 56F
57 posts
12/30/2021 10:23 pm

it all depends on the time and place

Big Boobs, Big Bum, Big Deal

milkNcookie66 57M

12/31/2021 6:27 am

Actually partial to throat with the right lady

dvdhenson2 59M

1/4/2022 2:39 am

They are all a great place

dvdhenson2 59M

1/5/2022 6:24 am

In reality it's best to cum

Dvon896 42M/43F

1/6/2022 2:52 pm

Definitely in her mouth or her face while she looks me in my eyes

PassionNLaught3r 38M

1/8/2022 8:14 pm

If I have to choose 1... Pussy

NoTell101 62M

1/9/2022 11:13 am

Always deep inside her. Make her beg for it and send it in with authority. I'm pretty large and cum quite a bit. Love it when she can't hold it all and it gushes out the sides as I finish into her quivering pussy while she screams my name.

justlookin19997 49M
13 posts
1/10/2022 12:16 pm

Pussy is the best, hands down!!!

Akmel2021 52M

1/10/2022 7:01 pm

Pussy first but also mouth. All are great and usually up to what she’s feeling like.

LoveurKitty3 32M
2 posts
1/12/2022 7:06 am

Depends on the her head an tongue mixture female who can suck the tip with a flicker on the front part of the head. An know how to use the tongue down an up. Back to the tip without hands. She's got game. Also known as the great white Buffalo. Practice makes perfect

kinkymale4chatxx 55M
23 posts
1/13/2022 11:31 am

Pumping ropes of hot cum into her wet wanting pussy

Real_male_67 57M

1/27/2022 1:40 pm

pussy defintely.

NewOrleansDaddy4 49M

1/27/2022 2:38 pm

I love all of it. I do like to ask first though. Nothing hotter than hearing it.

yngbgdick 21M

2/1/2022 11:44 am

Face so she never forgets

fpfc 57M/57F
27 posts
2/5/2022 11:48 am

My wife always whant her black cock bull's to cum at leat one time in her mouth when we go to have sex with one of her lovers.

Jayinburlington 33M

2/6/2022 1:20 pm

I think its best where ever they ask for it. Give it exactly how they where they want it

Paddymanc69 45M
39 posts
2/7/2022 1:55 pm

Post 4428615j id come anywhere you would like me to come as long as you come all over my face

Solmich45 69M

2/7/2022 6:20 pm

Pussy of course, be respectful..

Suckbuddy4u23 43M
17 posts
2/9/2022 9:39 am

Pussy is so amazing

Solmich45 69M

2/12/2022 6:37 pm

Pussy, after long foreplay and pussy eating...

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